Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm Coming Home

Hello Dear family and friends!
I am happy to say that in 2 days I will have completed a 18 month
mission and I am happy to say that I truly gave ALL I had the best I a full time set apart missionary.
Now....this work never ends. So I must KEEP giving it ALL I have the
best I can FOREVER.
This mission experience has helped me know who I really am and who
those around me are. We are a family and we all wear the same jersey
and we ALL must return to the presence of our father in heaven .
This mission experience has helped me learn who my savior really is
and what he has done for me!
This mission experience has helped me love others no matter what.
This mission experience has helped me learn patience.
This mission experience has helped me get some spiritual abs.
This mission experience has helped me become a better person and
better daughter and sister and neighbor and future mother and wife.
The list can go on forever and forever.
This mission really is the MTC for life, with that being said the REAL
MISSION, THE REAL DEAL starts when I get off that plane and when the
tag comes off!
THATS when I'll REALLY have to be humble and diligent and patient
cause I know life isn't a game and we are at war and there's work to
I'm grateful to have served to truly know how to put on the armor of
God and help those around me put it on themselves!
I'm grateful I served to meet the people who have come into my life
and will never leave it whether they want to or not.
I'm grateful I served to show my love for the Lord and the atonement.
I know I'm not a perfect missionary and not a perfect person but I do
If I do my part , he really will do the rest!
Because of that I can get off that plane Wednesday morning with no regrets.
This mission has changed me and has changed my life and my future and
the future generations of my family to come!
I love this gospel. I love this gospel sssooo much!!!!
Joseph Smith did restore the gospel of Jesus Christ and the EXACT
church he established when he was on earth is on earth AGAIN and that
is and will forever be The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
and I'll never deny it, I can't deny it!
I plan on living it for the rest of my life and all eternity and help
those around me do the same!
Thanks for all the love and support I have received !
Im coming home.
See you all soon!

Matching t shirts and matching shoes
 so we don't forget about each other 

    My last time teaching the youth! It was such an 
     awesome experience to be their teachers! 

Our mini missionaries!! It was such a cool experience being with theses girls for 3 days!! 
We made posters and went to parks and malls and made people write on our poster their answer and people looovvveeeeeedddd us! It was cool! 

- Hermana Naomi Curapil

Monday, July 11, 2016

Every Nation, Kindred and Tounge

Hello everyone!!!

So this week consists of finding a lot and getting caught in the rain
and loving life and teaching a Muslim family.
So we knocked on a door and a Muslim lady opened and we stood their
awkwardly (cause....she's Muslim....) and I said the first things that
came into mind and asked if they would like to see a video of Jesus
Christ and she went and got her 12 year old grandson and he translated
for us and before we know it she was smiling and motioning for us to
go inside. So we go inside and show the video and  as it's playing the
spirit filled the room and it was so hard to hold back tears as I
thought the love Heavenly Father has for all his children and how this
gospel really can reach every nation, kindred  and tongue possible.
After the video they said they liked it  and fed us Arabic cookies
more then his pics make us eat tacos and then the 12 year old boy
started telling us about all their beliefs and it was crazy cool to
see how similar our religions are to each other. He talked about Jesus
Christ, Mohammad, and other prophets they believe in and then showed
us the book they read out of and it was ssooo cool and how that book
was written by prophets and stuff and that's when we said " we also
have another book that was written by prophets " and basically taught
about Joseph Smith and what the Book of Mormon is about and he was so
interested and he restated everything we told him in his own words and
he told us how he has read the bible the King James Version and how he
wants to read a Roman Catholic bible and stuff and he was so
intelligent it was crazy! So we left them with a book of Mormon and as
we were walking out his grandma kissed us and hugged us a million
times and he said " you better come back, I'm gonna have questions
about this book"
It was the coolest thing ever!!

Wet and happy :) 
The hottest apartments we have ever been to. 

Pdaaayyy :) 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Goodbye and Hello!!!

My heart is full of emotions this week!! 

Mostly cause it was filled with goodbyes and hellos!! 
GOODBYE : I got say bye to my mission president . The Woodburys and it was such a tender moment to say bye to them. As we all stood in line to shake presidents hand and hug sister Woodbury. right when it was my turn, tears just strolled down my face and shook my hand and looked me in the eyes and said a ton of wonderful things. 
So something really cool and powerful that happened was that we all stood in a circle a no sang a song with them and then we all knelt in prayer and president offered it and THEN he says " I feel impressed  to leave a blessing upon all the missionaries head who are here " and gave us all a blessing at the same time!! It was such an emotional thing as he blessed all of us with all the things I need for my last transfer! It was beautiful! 

HELLO: PRESIDENT BINGHAM IS SOOOO LEGIT!!! He is so full of energy! A really cool thing is that he's a little younger then most mission presidents, so he came into this field with his wife, his 2 twins daughters who are 16 and the day they got set apart their son got home from his own mission and packed up and came to Chicago! 
He is sssuuuppperrr funny and upbeat and injected energy to all of our veins! 
He said SOOOO many inspired things that I really needed to hear and so did his wife and his son. Something his son said which was super cool was " don't get tired, when you don't feel like fighting is the best time to fight cause that's when an actual battle can be won, so go and win the battle" 
Then his wife talked about how they met and he interrupted  the whole time to "correct" things and the super funny story turned into such a spiritual thought of following the spirit . 
His daughter are super cute and are gonna be boss missionaries one day! 
Something that they said that has helped through this week  that they said about their dad (especially on the days of 6 hours of finding and contacting)  was " something he does when he wants to relax and rest after a hard day of work is he goes out and works a littler harder for a little longer) 

GOODBYE: to my sweet good friend Hermana Starnes! She has taught me so much!! I can honestly say that we worked hard for her last transfer. We got things moving in this ward and in our area and I am grateful for her diligence and awesome charity. Now she's of to bless the lives of people back home. 

HELLO: to the most quirky , hilarious , diligent Hermana on the mission! HERMANA TERRY is my new companion and she's the EXACT pace I need for my last 6 weeks. She helps me not want to bash my head through the wall to get everything possible. If it was up to me I would knock door after door after door after door and  I would love it but she reminds me making sure are diligent in filling the spirit especially since we are in an area where any kind of race can open the door. She's great!! 

( we taught the 3 year olds and it was so fun and so cute ) 

GOODBYE: Hermana Davis was this super old lady that we would always visit to keep her company since she was by herself and always so sick. Since my first day on the field and have met I have wished for her to rest in peace and after 17 months she finally is resting. It was a sweet experience as we were the ones who had to take her to the hospital and the only ones by her side until they got a hold of her actual family.  So many confirmations happened in this experience about the plan of salvation and how aware Heavenly Father is of us. As we said bye to her and gave her a last hug and kiss , I felt so much peace and happiness for her cause she has suffered so much in the life and it a giant example of me of enduring and being loyal no matter the circumstances of our lives. 

HELLO: to my last  transfer. I never thought this transfer would ever happen. And I'm so pumped to soak up every single minute of it so I can apply everything I have learned for the rest of my life!! It's awesome to see all the changes I have made and how much I have grown and gained! (Spiritually and physically 😂
And I plan on running to the finish line ! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Missionary Work

I love this work. It's his work! And I know it'll go only the way he
wants it to go.
So happy to be his servant for the next 6 weeks with a badge on and
then the rest of my life with a testimony I gained by wearing that
badge with his name on it.
Love you all. Sorry this isn't super full of details but I have no time.

Hanging out in city no big deal 
Passed out free lemonade with book of Mormons. 
The sweatiest day of my life. It was sssoooo hot!
Best district ever, I've never seen a district who has worked so hard to see miracles happen in our area and in our ward before. These elders mothers would be so proud!

I didn't have a Mexican hat so I just wore a bike helmet. Ha 

Best zone ever

I'm the one in the orange baseball cap 
Zone activity 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Hello everyone!

We had such a great week!!
We have done so much finding !!! We have a goal to contact 1000 people
as a district the past 2 weeks and it has been so draining and
fantastic I love being a missionary so much!!
There's two things that happened this week that was way cool!
1 . We had a Father's Day activity. Where we made 200 cupcakes and
then when everyone came we wrote a spiritual thought, a plate of
cupcakes and we sent those families to visit less active families and
investigators to show love and invite them to the activity and then we
all gathered back to eat and have a good time. And it was a fantastic
time! Everyone shared their experience as to what it felt to visit
their people and there was such a sweet spirit!! And everyone was so
happy to do some missionary work! And then we ended by bearing our
testimony of our fathers and I weeped like a baby because I love my dad and he is awesome!

2 . We had a youth out with us who is a rockstar and we went to
cemeteries because it was filled with people visiting their passed
away father and he taught everyone about the plan of salvation. It was
one of the boldest things we have done but it has been our dream. The
reaction of those sweet children was priceless and they hugged us and
thanked us for reaching out to them during their hard times. We got
all their info and send them off to the missionaries they belonged to.
Although we didn't find anyone for ourselves to teach we know we did
what Heavenly Father wanted us to do.

I love this work! It's the most important work ever! I love Chicago. I
love the polluted air, the interesting people, the yummy food, the
trains, the buildings, and their beautiful flag!
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Warning: If You Blink A Week Will Go By

Hello family and friends!
This week has flown by!!
So many wonderful things happened!
We had amazing lessons with this couple, Tania and mike. They have
been going through so much in their lives that they have been so
humbled and prepared to hear the restored gospel.
They cried throughout the lesson and were so happy to feel the spirit
in their home.
They always talk about they feel so much peace every time we leave.
We also got in with an investigator called Michelle and we took a
member with us who taught the whole lesson and answered all of her
questions and concerns! It was beautiful!
We also had a wonderful experience with all missionaries going to ward council.
We were able to talk about the ward and things we have seen that can
improve. It was awesome to see all the leaders get right on it and we
all made a plan of action. I realized that things always work out when
you work in unity especially when you are trying to hasten the Lords
Members and missionary are meant to work in unity in every aspect of the work.
I have seen it work so many times!So sorry this is so short. I honestly can't think of everything that
happened this week, time is just going by so fast that I'm scared
I love being a missionary! Every second of it, good or bad times. It's
so worth it!!
Love you all!
Have a great week!

  Mexican woman are always teaching 
  us to cook so that our future husbands 
  don't leave us! 
  (Their exact words. It's hilarious)
Breakfast Club :) 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Read This if You Need to Know That God is Aware!

Okay my friends so I have two awesome experiences to share which is why this is super long. 
So me and Hermana Starnes wrote one story and the other wrote the other one. 

First, KIRBY. 
so on Sunday me and Hermana Starnes went out finding. So we were knocking doors and there was tons of people out cause the weather was finally nice. 
There was 2 young guys working on a car. 
My first thoughts were...ugh usually when we talk to guys our age, it gets awkward real fast and they don't understand that we are missionaries. 
So I thought to myself "eh who am I to judge" 
So my companion opens her mouth first and says hi and we started talking to them.  So there we were. We were throwing out inspired questions like they were dollar bills. ( or better . Salvation) 
So anyways, it was a Hispanic  and a Filipino. 
The Hispanic wasn't really interested. So we just talked to Kirby. 
So he asked if we could meet up later and there was a fireside we had to be at . So we told him we couldn't but he could come to the fireside. 
So he (right then and there) says " yeah I'll come, let me go home and change and we can meet at 71st and Pulaski and I'll follow y'all there " 
So we said okay and went to our car talking about how crazy and awesome this was. So we realized we work with Hispanics and were like "oh crap what if the fireside is in Spanish?" So we call a few other missionaries and we find out that the English fireside starts at 6 and the Spanish fireside starts at 7:30 . 
(How wonderful is it that Heavenly Father put into our thoughts that the fireside started at 6 when we really don't need to be there until 7:30
So everything was just laid out perfect. We call the YSA elders telling them to be alert that we are bringing  a guy who is interest. 
We showed and the elders introduced themselves and we sat down. And all these awesome recent converts spoke with a wonderful tender spirit and power. 
After every speaker me and Hermana Starnes would look at Kirby and say " hey you pumped yet? Hey you feel it? Hey you like it? " 
And he would just laugh and say "I'm open minded, so I'm just neutral" 
So everything ended and we asked him if we could into a room with the elders and see if he has questions and stuff. 
So we go into a room and start with a prayer and said he heard lot of things and just has to take it in. 
So we started throwing it down about how much he means to God (he isn't religious, doesn't even know if he should believe in God and has lived in China where  there is no religion) 
So we bear our testimony to him and the spirit is so strong as I told him that God has a plan for him. I look at my comp to let her know it's her turn to speak . When she started saying these beautiful words " Kirby, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the proper authority of God?" 
(Literally met him an hour ago on the street and then there we were fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. Asking him to come unto Christ) 
And he said. Yes! 
So the elders said a few words and we excused ourselves cause the Spanish fireside was starting so we left and later that night we call the YSA elders to see how the rest of the lesson went with Kirby. And they tell us that they talked to him and then elder Rogers said a closing prayer . They all said amen and they looked up and KIRBY WAS IN TEARS!!! 
And told them he he was never felt so welcomed and loved! 
And wants to start meeting with them! 

These two wonderful experiences has edified my understanding of God. He does exist.  He does care. He doesn't want his children to feel lost or scared or forsaken. He really does have a plan. And it WILL TAKE ITS COURSE!! 
Don't fret my friends! Be patient. Be hopeful. Do your part and he will do the rest! 
I love you all! 

So here's is the second miracle written by Hermana Starnes :

"HOW IS BEING A MISSIONARY SO GREAT? So get this. Back in December I was store contacting in Midway and met this super less active couple. They definitely didn't want anything to do with us, and the boyfriend just kept saying that he knows what the church is about and doesn't want any part of it. After prodding for a solid 5 minutes for at least one of their phone numbers, the girlfriend Sandra FINALLY gave us hers. We texted and called often, but she never got back to us. Now fast foreword 5 months to this week(: The Midway hermanas were going through their contacts to find an investigator named Sandra, but they had few contacts all named Sandra and didn't know which one was the one they were looking for. So the reached out to all of them, BUT GET THIS. They ended up making an appointment with one of these Sandra's for that same day and she just so happened to live is BLUE ISLAND. So the herms called us and told us to go this cita...What the what, how great is Heavenly Father? So we go to the cita and once she came down the stairs I thought, "holy cow, I know this lady somehow..." I told Hermana Curapil and she looked ridiculously familiar, and she was like, "haha ok Hna Starnes!" As we began the cita, I told her that I wasn't creepy, but somehow I knew her! She replied, "oh yeah I know! We met at a store in Midway back in December." WHHHHHAAATTTTT. From then on she opened up about how that very morning she was praying on hands and knees to know what to do with her life. She remembered feeling the spirit when she was younger and was desperately searching for it again. She said she was SO SURPRISED to get a text from the missionaries and knew that it was Heavenly Father reaching out to her. As we got to know her a little more, Hna Curapil whips out this incredible scripture in D&C 84 that we had studied during language study that morning. It says, "I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." She began to bawl as she read it and as the spirit filled the entire room. Hna Curapil looked at each other, both of our eyes being filled with tears. We said a kneeling prayer and boldly invited her to come back to Christ because THAT is where emptiness becomes filled. We then  sprinted out to our car to get the triple combination Book of Mormon that she wanted, wrote her a little note on it, and said our goodbyes. As we hugged her to leave, with tear filled eyes she looked us straight in the eye and said, "you were an answer to my prayer today, remember that." Hna Curapil and I were on the verge of breaking down right then and there, but we managed to keep ourselves together. I know that God really does exist,that He really does hear our silent pleas, and that He works through others so that we can get our answers. So tender. And another neat thing is that is wasn't even just Hna Curapil and I!! The midway hermanas, without even knowing it, were being used as tools in the Masters hands! Oh, how great is this calling!! And also also guess what! We ALL have this calling!!! So go out this week and be answers to prayers, follow the spirit--be obedient to the thoughts and promptings you receive! LIVES ARE ON THE LINE. This work is so urgent, and I think sometimes we forget that. YOU CAN DO IT!! Give a Book of Mormon to that friend that has been on your mind for a while, share a scripture with someone over Facebook, do something! (: You will be so much happier as you silently bless the lives of those around you. I know it! BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD, and just as President Kimball says, "Every member a missionary." (: " 

Sea Mormon sea FELIZ! 

Love you all!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

So This is All I Have!!!!

So we don't have time cause we are playing soccer with zone. 

BUT here are some highlights! 

- finding out me and hermana Starnes will be companions and covering blue island and we are |
  stoked to work with everything we got!! 

- getting a call from my last comp telling me CHRISTIAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED IN TWO

 - being able to just knock doors and talk to everyone in 30 degree weather....IN MAY.

- driving and finding a beautiful sight.

- getting frozen yogurt with my pal gals 

And here's this awesome thing from my awesome mission president:

We had zone training early in the morning. It was good. Something I really liked was our mission president comparing our view of the Atonement to the beliefs of others. First, he had someone put a
plastic grocery bag on their head to represent those who only believe that by grace we are saved and that you just have to say you've sinned and that is all. Then, he had someone out a rain poncho on and
this represented those that believe that there are only a few lucky ones who are saved. He compared it to a volcano that everyone is going in but God chooses to save a few of us. Then he had a set of elders
come and hold a big umbrella and have the rest of their district (4 more missionaries) come and stand under it. They all fit! This is the restored church's view on the atonement. It is much deeper and covers
everyone! He also compared it to missionaries and members, how we carry around the umbrella and can help others receive the shelter it brings. Another sister commented that we can't force them to come
under the umbrella either, and if someone backs away just a little bit they are going to get wet again. Super cool analogy/object lesson!! After that, we came back and did some studies then went finding.
This week also we learned of a survey that earn elders mom sent him that is perfect for missionaries! It's a great way to get to know people especially on door steps. 

Anyways! I'm sorry this email is not perfect but it's okay neither are y'all ;) 
I love you all. My heart is always so warm, and full of joy to know that I am a missionary. 
And ahhhh i just want to give it my all!!! Thanks for all the love and support !!! 
I love you all!! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

You Just Gotta Believvveeeee!!!!

Heellllooo sweet loved ones of mine!
I hope everyone had a great week!! This week was great!! My favorite day was when we went on exchanges with Hermana Mendieta!
I learned so much from her and she's a boss missionary! Me and Hermana Starnes took her to these Hispanic flea market things and we just talked to EVERYONE! And it was so much fun!!! We met so many cool people that are interested in our message and we were meeting less actives that just haven't found the church since they left Mexico and we were finding people that have met with missionaries before, it was awesome!!! We then ended the exchange eating paletas which were yuummyyy

We also had such a fun time preparing a skit for the mother day activity. It was a giant party , I love how Hispanics exaggerated everything and make everything a big deal. I thought it was just my family ...but I guess it runs in the Hispanic gene.
We made this skit about missionaries thanking their moms for everything we have been taught to prepare for a mission and then talked about how grateful we are for the hermanas in our ward who treat us like their children and always take care of us. It was tender.

Another miracle that we had was when we prayed to find a family of five to teach. We were super specific with our prayers as to where we needed to go and stuff.
So we prayed to until we reached a certain street and then we told Heavenly Father that we were gonna knock the doors with statues outside their porch and for him to bless those people with open hearts to listen to us.
We did it and found a family of five!!
They were taking in their house large cases of water bottles and we offered to help. They said no a couple of times until all 3 of us looked at each other and just grab a case of water and let us ourselves in their house.
They thanked us and told us to sit down and we taught them :)

Best district ever

My fav pic ever

I love you all!! Sorry this is so short but I have a limited number of Pdays left in my life. I'll talk to you all when I'm home on more detail!!

The church is true ! And I love my Savior and Father in heaven!!

I'm so grateful to be on this mission and make the next 12 weeks that I have left the greatest!!!

Los quiero!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Guess Who is Back!!

Hello beautiful people!!

I have had a wonderful week back in blue island!!
I was a little nervous at first but then I got one of the most
beautiful blessing i have ever received from our district leader and
I've never felt so much comfort in my life!!
I love my companion Hermana Villejo . She's so full of fire and
faith!! And I love her to death and she's exactly what I need in my
life right now!
She's from the Philippines but raised in Hawaii. She speaks tolago ( I
thinks that's how it's spelled, but anyways it's the language all of
Kirsten companions speaks and she's teaching me some words and I'm
super stoked that way me and Kirsten can feel super cool together one

Anyways, it was awesome to see the wonderful progression in this area
and ward! I have never been so impressed in my life.
We have so many so many legit investigators ! And new families that
moved into the ward for us to work with . And I am so lucky to be able
to be back!!
I am back to inspired Tracting, which is my favorite thing ever. You
just never know who will open the door!! And we have been able to
teach so many people, it's amazing how they just let us into their
home and I'm so surprised cause that never happened while I was here
the first time.
Sorry this is short but it's all I have time for!!
The church is so true! God is aware.

I got to see melany!!! I don't know if anyone remembers her, but she's the girl me and Hermana Allen found a year ago and it was so wonderful to see she is fully converted into this gospel. She is preparing to serve a mission and it warms my heart! Unfortunately she's moving to Guatemala and it was a tearful even when we said goodbye to her. I'm so proud of her. 

Lol at this awful picture I tried to fit everyone in. We are at this super awesome place in China town!

True true.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Tender Mercies and a Plot Twist!

Hello people!!

I just want to start off by testifying of the tender mercies of the Lord.
This past week we had no car. And no money #missionarylife
So we weren't able to use public transportation either so we had some
time on bikes for as long as we could borrow them and then we
walked....a lot.

(I'm lazy so I pasted this next part from my companions email )

"we started out the day with receiving a text saying we were having our
district meeting at a different building then our church building...
One that's farther away.... So we looked it up and it was a good 4-5
mile walk one way with a nice 1 hour and a 1/2 walk time... So we
decided that wouldn't work so we scraped up a couple dollar bills we
had been saving for an emergency and some quarters and prepared to
take the bus half way. The only problem was is that we only had enough
money to get there..... But we had to go so we went trusting the Lord
would provide. We walked the other half of the way the home time
praying we would randomly find 5 quarters for the bus fair home. Well
we didn't so we got there  to the church a little early did some
studies and then had our meeting. We got out and amazingly as we were
trying to figure out how to get home someone (a missionary) helped us
out... A lot, it was a HUGE tender mercy. Also! We were out of food
and didn't have a eating appointment so we weren't sure what we were
going to do when randomly another distinct invites us in to eat left
over Hispanic food from their district meeting!!! It was a huge
blessing! Then we had a lesson at the end of the night also in the
elders area and it was way far from our house. Thankfully the
missionary that had helped us out earlier had made it so we could take
the buses there, so after the lesson we get out and it is pouring
rain... Just buckets of it. So we run to the road and it doesn't say
walk but it was clear and it was pouring so we ran across and then ran
to the bus stop as soon as we get to the bus stop I turn around and
there the bus is pulling up. It's a miracle we made it because the
buses run every 15-20 minutes at that time of night. Then, we get off
that bus to take the next one and it shows up within 5 min. Then we
get off of that bus (it's still pouring) and we are not at all sure
where the bus stop is. There isn't one in sight. So we are just
briskly walking when I turn to look down the road to see if I can even
see a bus and to my surprise it's about to pass us. I screamed bus to
Hermana Curapil and we have never and probably never will run so hard
in our lives!! It was late and cold and wet and we were not going to
miss that bus. As we were running I started losing hope, we couldn't
see a bus stop anywhere!! I was yelling to Hermana Curapil "where is
it? I don't see one!" And I literally was about to stop when she said
"I see it! There it is! Keep going" we ran even harder and barely made
it. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father stopped time because the light
the bus was driving through was green and we ran a block and a half
before we got to the bus stop and somehow we still beat it, barely.
Heavenly Father really helped us out that night. We got home safe and
sound. :) the moral of the story- DON'T GIVE UP. He is with us and the
end is in sight, sometimes we are just a little blinded by the storms
in life but there is always an end. Always. President Uchtdorf said
yesterday "The desire to walk in his way will grow with every step of
faith you take" Keep walking! He will give you what you are searching
for! You might just have to run in faith for a few blocks. :)"
-Hermana Rowbury

Mostly cause we weirdly got to see so many in between small victories
from appointment to appointment.
Like when the it's perfect timing for crossing the street.
Or when no people on bikes almost run into you.
Or getting to enjoy the rain.....and have no choice to enjoy the rain.
Only getting ONE blister from my shoes.
Being able to laugh like crazy at the random things that happen in the city.
Having an awesome companion
And feeling joy and peace knowing that I rather be no one where else
but here on a mission in Chicago.
I love this area. It's been great!
But just like  Sister Mapuhi  once said  "No matter how great the past
has been, the future is always better. Remember Lot's wife."
(I'm grateful for my best friend Kirsten Froemming who knows my needs
from across the world and sent me that when she killed off her

I'm getting transferred.
BACK TO BLUE ISLAND. My first area.
I'm so stoked!!!
I'm grateful for my mission president!
Usually the APs call when you get transferred but President Woodbury
called and bore his testimony to me about how the Lord woke him up at
3am to tell him I am needed in blue island.
All of my responses to the APs or President when they call is usually
"okay thanks"
I have always felt so much peace about next companions or areas my
entire mission.
It's crazy the trust that I have in 2 elders that don't know my needs
and my mission president to know exactly what I need and what
companion I need.
If President Woodbury was to call me and tell me I have to get
relocated to a mission in Russia and learn Russian in 2 weeks , my
response will probably be "holy crap!, okay thanks"
I know that I am needed. And I know that the Lord knows best!! And I'd
do anything and go anywhere he needs me! And I'm so grateful to be
able to have that attitude!
The next morning President Woodbury called me again.
He bore his testimony to me again.
And then told me about the needs of the ward and how I am needed there again.
I'm extremely humbled to know that I have to work harder this time.
I think every missionaries dream is to go back to their first area and
apply everything they learned from their past areas and companions and
I am so grateful I get to live that dream!
I know i am going to be with an awesome companion and see a ton of
miracles together!!!
I am so excited!!!
I know that mission presidents have the keys to guide this work and it
was confirmed to me as i listened to our Prophet, apostles and other
leaders this week that nothing happens unless they look to God first.
That blows my mind!!!
It really has made me reflect on how often I go to God when I need direction.
He guides my life. He knows my life. He knows where he needs me .
So do I go to him and ask him what's the next plan that he has for me?
Not really. Lol
Sometimes I do. But it's all about how often.
My invitation to you all is to look to God. OFTEN. all the time.
He knows you. He knows where you need to be. He knows the people
you'll be surrounded with. He knows ALL THINGS!

I love you all! Have a great week!!