Monday, May 9, 2016

You Just Gotta Believvveeeee!!!!

Heellllooo sweet loved ones of mine!
I hope everyone had a great week!! This week was great!! My favorite day was when we went on exchanges with Hermana Mendieta!
I learned so much from her and she's a boss missionary! Me and Hermana Starnes took her to these Hispanic flea market things and we just talked to EVERYONE! And it was so much fun!!! We met so many cool people that are interested in our message and we were meeting less actives that just haven't found the church since they left Mexico and we were finding people that have met with missionaries before, it was awesome!!! We then ended the exchange eating paletas which were yuummyyy

We also had such a fun time preparing a skit for the mother day activity. It was a giant party , I love how Hispanics exaggerated everything and make everything a big deal. I thought it was just my family ...but I guess it runs in the Hispanic gene.
We made this skit about missionaries thanking their moms for everything we have been taught to prepare for a mission and then talked about how grateful we are for the hermanas in our ward who treat us like their children and always take care of us. It was tender.

Another miracle that we had was when we prayed to find a family of five to teach. We were super specific with our prayers as to where we needed to go and stuff.
So we prayed to until we reached a certain street and then we told Heavenly Father that we were gonna knock the doors with statues outside their porch and for him to bless those people with open hearts to listen to us.
We did it and found a family of five!!
They were taking in their house large cases of water bottles and we offered to help. They said no a couple of times until all 3 of us looked at each other and just grab a case of water and let us ourselves in their house.
They thanked us and told us to sit down and we taught them :)

Best district ever

My fav pic ever

I love you all!! Sorry this is so short but I have a limited number of Pdays left in my life. I'll talk to you all when I'm home on more detail!!

The church is true ! And I love my Savior and Father in heaven!!

I'm so grateful to be on this mission and make the next 12 weeks that I have left the greatest!!!

Los quiero!

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