Monday, June 6, 2016

Warning: If You Blink A Week Will Go By

Hello family and friends!
This week has flown by!!
So many wonderful things happened!
We had amazing lessons with this couple, Tania and mike. They have
been going through so much in their lives that they have been so
humbled and prepared to hear the restored gospel.
They cried throughout the lesson and were so happy to feel the spirit
in their home.
They always talk about they feel so much peace every time we leave.
We also got in with an investigator called Michelle and we took a
member with us who taught the whole lesson and answered all of her
questions and concerns! It was beautiful!
We also had a wonderful experience with all missionaries going to ward council.
We were able to talk about the ward and things we have seen that can
improve. It was awesome to see all the leaders get right on it and we
all made a plan of action. I realized that things always work out when
you work in unity especially when you are trying to hasten the Lords
Members and missionary are meant to work in unity in every aspect of the work.
I have seen it work so many times!So sorry this is so short. I honestly can't think of everything that
happened this week, time is just going by so fast that I'm scared
I love being a missionary! Every second of it, good or bad times. It's
so worth it!!
Love you all!
Have a great week!

  Mexican woman are always teaching 
  us to cook so that our future husbands 
  don't leave us! 
  (Their exact words. It's hilarious)
Breakfast Club :) 

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