Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Hello friends and family!!
There are two things I'm going to write today.
One will be the plan of salvation and the other will be about the Book
of Mormon.

So a few weeks ago, me and my companion were walking the crazy streets
of Chicago when we craved little Caesars and cause we only had $5.
There was this young man walking down the street and we asked him if
he knew where the closest little Caesars would be. He said no and we
got to talking and he told us how he is going through a hard time
right now so we got his info and sent it to the English elders who
cover our area.
The next time we saw them they told us how awesome this guy is. His
name is Tommy.
The day we found him is the day he decided to stop using drugs. The
elders would spent time with him every day to help him and he would
get invited to members houses all time and FHE. He was getting some
serious support. We randomly saw him on the street again and he told
us how grateful he was that we talked to him and how he has never felt
so much love and support in his entire life.
Every Time we saw the elders they would tell us about the progress of
Tommy and how he tells everyone the funny way we met.
Few weeks passed.
One morning I got the impression to get a picture of Christ and I
wrote a note to Tommy and I gave it to the elders to give to him.
This week we had zone conference and one of the elders came up to me
and said "hey I have to talk to you, Tommy died yesterday of an
I can't really remember my expression but I didn't say anything and
then he said "last time we saw him we gave him your note and he loved
The elders went to the funeral service and we saw them later that day
and brought me the little program that they handed out with a cute
poem and a picture of angels in heaven.
They said that everyone there knew who they were because Tommy talked
so fondly about those elders and that his parents asked "where are the
two girls that asked him where a little Caesars was"

I felt pure peace. Pure peace to know that we did what the Lord has
called us to do and give warning to everyone. Tommy already knows
about the gospel and he missed his baptismal date by a month and half.
But I know that he is going to accept it ssooo fast in the spirit
world because of the mercy of the Lord who commanded everyone to go
and preach the gospel.

The plan of Salvation is real. There is ONE plan and there is ONE way
to gain the eternal happiness we are promised. It starts with faith in
Jesus Christ.
How do we gain Faith in Jesus Christ?
I won't tell the whole lesson. But this past week we had an
appointment with an investigator who is a part member family and is
At the end of the lesson I felt impressed to ask him some questions
and they were:
Have you prayed specifically to know if the BOM is true?
Why do you think we ask you to read the BOM?
Out of all the things we have been teaching you what do you know
without a doubt that is true?

He couldn't answer. He's progressing he hasn't missed a day of church
the past 3 months and quit coffee and committed to pay tithing.
But the testimony is what is needed not just willingness.

Authority and power filled the room when we looked at Cristian in the
eyes and told him
You have to read it!!! The only way you'll know anything we taught is
true Is if you read and pray about the BOM! You have to read it

 The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and his gospel that is now
restored! It's living proof that Joseph Smith restored it and that
every little detail about this  gospel is 100 % true and that it will
never ever fail!!

That is my testimony to you all brother and sisters!
Life can be eternal with our families and happiness.

The way the rest of our lives go depend on our daily scripture study.

I love you all! I want all of you to feel the burning goodness I feel
when I read the Book of Mormon and remember the wonderful plan God has
for us!

I love you all and I pray for y'all.

                  Trio life for 3 hours

"The hands of God" Relief society annual celebration

Lol at our skills with an iPad camera

Hermana Curapil

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miracles and Then Another One and a Few More

This week we were able to see so many miracles!
We finally found a less active family that are never home!! And it was
awesome cause the mom told us that lately she's been feeling
Unsatisfied and that she's been missing something else. Her kids
joined us and we were able to get a good relationship going.
We also visited another less active who is going through a hard time
so we been actually setting citas with her. And she gave us a
referral! He's a young English speaking guy but still! It was awesome
how excited she got!
There's also another girl Alicia who is 19. Her mom is active and
she's not. She's been warming up to us. And was so excited when we
came over , she likes to bake and she baked us all the things we told
we liked. It was awesome for so many reasons! The lesson was the best
part! She just opened up and was able to be herself.
I also went on exchanges with Hermana Chabert.
She's so wonderful and a great example of a lot of things!
As me and Hermana rowbury planned out the exchange, it didn't feel
right to have citas that day. So I decided to stop fighting the
prompting and cancel or move the citas we had that day except our
lunch member cita and do 8 hours of straight walking and contacting!
We sure were exhausted at the end of that night! But it felt great!!
We got a ton of PNIs and set up cita right then and there and even met
a good amount of people who had friends and family who are already
We even contacted white people! We contacted this one lady that just
lit up as we in unity shared our excitement of the BOM and started
testify of it. The bus came and she said she's going to go to the
website on it so that missionaries can visit her and thanked us for
talking to her! At the end of the exchange Hermana Chabert told me
that she really needed it. She really needed to do 8 hours of
contacting and that she felt great.  She's a little stressed with
everything that is going on with Hermana Allen and the area. But she's
doing all good things and wants to be a good companion to Hermana
Allen and serve the ward.
The elders had a baptism and Cristian came. Once Olga got in that
water and he leaned over to me and Hermana rowbury and said "that'll
soon be me right?" And excitedly told us about how he stopped drinking
coffee for a straight week! His dark bags under his eyes were a
beautiful sight #tendermerciesforamissionary

I read a "miracle of a mission" this week and something stuck out to
me that hasn't before.
"For as long as we live we will be bearing testimony of the divinity
of the Church, and of the salvation of the Lord and of the Restoration
of the gospel and of God’s love for His children. Until I cannot move
my lips one more time, that is what we will do."

 It made me feel really excited that for the rest of my life I can
keep strengthening my testimony of the Savior and the restoration of
the this gospel and hope that nothing will ever stop me from sharing
that testimony with others and that it'll help me in time of need.
And it made me feel really excited that I'll never ever stop living
this gospel and I'm so grateful for the covenants I could make in the
temple , I know that it'll bless me for the rest of my life and my
Until I cannot move my lips one more time either on this mission or
not as a missionary that is what I will do.

Like Paul , I will fight a good fight,  I will finish my course, I
will keep the faith

I was able to do what my parents have trained me to do my whole life! I translated the whole first hour of sacrament for our ward conference for the stake people who didn't speak Spanish. It was awesome! 

Hermana Chabert! 
Everyone thinks we are twins. Even our mission president get us mixed up

We just happen to walk by the most sketchiest parts of our area this week.#wheninchicago #mycheeks 

Cute faces. Cute friends for life 
Saw this. Took a picture and then I dreamt that
it was in front of our apartment #weirdfunfact