Monday, December 28, 2015

Temple Sealings and Puppies!!!

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! I know I
did!! We are spoiled brats and got fed so much food and love and
presents!!! It was so wonderful to feel so much love for others.
These people are my family now, and I know I'm theirs. It makes me
heart full to bug for my chest when I'm around these people and I just
had such a wonderful Christmas!!
Thanks for everyone who sent me wonderful wishes and such!!

So this week was awesome!

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! I know I
did!! We are spoiled brats and got fed so much food and love and
presents!!! It was so wonderful to feel so much love for others.
These people are my family now, and I know I'm theirs. It makes me
heart full to bug for my chest when I'm around these people and I just
had such a wonderful Christmas!!
Thanks for everyone who sent me wonderful wishes and such!!

So this week was awesome!

We did a district contacting activity again and it was soooo windy!
My favorite part was watching Elder Agre (the one holding up the peace
sign) , a new missionary have so much faith as he tried speaking in
Spanish and he just did not care whether he was saying things right or
not, and it made me feel like a proud mom

Ahhhhh!!! We went to our ward mission leaders house for dinner and their dog just has babies and we were like CHILDREN!! And then Hermana kind of sounded like our mom as she made us put the dogs away and made all of us wash our hands for a minute.

I got to go to a sealing of one of my families from my last area!! It was such a huge honor that Hermana Bautista wanted me there! She even asked me to help her through everything! And helped her put on her dress and shoes and akeup and all that jazz and she found out last minute that I was coming and she said to me " Hermana I'm so happy you are here. I thought you were going to forget  but you are here" And ahhhhh it just made me so happy to know that I am loved!! Haha  and I just wished his mom was around to give him a big hug!

We did a district contacting activity again and it was soooo windy! My favorite part was watching Elder Agre (the one holding up the peace sign) , a new missionary have so much faith as he tried speaking in Spanish and he just did not care whether he was saying things right or not, and it made me feel like a proud mom

Ahhhhh!!! We went to our ward mission leaders house for dinner and their dog just has babies and we were like CHILDREN!! And then Hermana kind of sounded like our mom as she made us put the dogs away and made all of us wash our hands for a minute.

Merry Chirstmas to Everyone and Happy New Year too!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chicago Riots and Caroling

Alright everyone I have a crazy story to tell! Normally I wouldn't
include a story like this in a weekly email but it's just such a good
So it's a blessing to be serving in the WILMETTE SPANISH ZONE! Because
we cover the city!!
So we decided to have a zone caroling activity where we sing, pass out
free hot chocolate and Books of Mormon and pamphlets!
So me and my comp get there a little early because we needed food. And
saw the spot the zone leaders picked to set up at and saw a mob of
angry people protesting (something about a cop shooting someone 16
So we called our zone leaders to tell them so we moved the spot to the
Bean at millennial park. So we set up right at the entrance. And
everything is going fine and we notice helicopters in the sky but we
just keep going. So we are having success and tons of cops show up to
the park. And we are right by the street. I'm trying to give you a
good image here. So we are by Michigan Street which is the busy
downtown street on Chicago. And we then from a distant we see that
group protestors on the street with a ton more people and their
heading down the street. Where we are. So we just keep doing our
thing. Then the cops at the park literally all stand right in front of
our table.  Blocking the entrance of the park. This mob starts running
a little faster, so we kind of panic and say "okay we need to go" so
we start packing and the cops turn around and say "no, don't go. KEEP
SINGING!" So imagine a huge crowd yelling things with signs and then
us missionaries singing silent night holy night and in between us is
So as we are all singing we kind of look at each other like "is this
the end?" "Are we going to die like this" and the crowd thankfully turns
Now, I like to think that it's the power of those Christmas corals
that made that mob not charge at cops and at us. And the best part was
seeing the people's faces. As they saw protestors protesting and us
singing spiritual Hymns. A lot of people took pictures and videos of
those two very different situations going on at the same time.
We then moved our location and carried on with the Lords work!
And just so no one worries, our mission president is aware we are in
not a safe city and we are taken care of very well and kept safe!

-exchanges!! I got to be with Hermana Knowledge for a day and it was so awesome! I've learned so much from her!! She really helped me out a ton! I'm starting to realize that the Lord made me a Sister Training Leader so that I can learn from other missionaries a lot faster than I would not having the responsibilities that we have.

- Our Christmas party!! So many investigators showed up!!! And made so many friends with the members! It was sweet, sweet sight!!!

- caroling with the ward to less actives and feeling that sweet spirit as those less actives were so surprised and uplifted!!

-my companion got a dinner approved to go over to her mom’s friend’s house, who is American. And fed us very American food, and we felt so awkward. I don't know how to talk to white people anymore.

I felt the peace i really been needing lately


- Our relief society put together a basket of things for the missionaries for Christmas presents! So sweet of them!!
I'm so pumped for Christmas, we are so blessed!! We have so many members that love us and I just want everyone to know that I'm going to have a wonderful Christmas with my new family :)
And I hope you all have wonderful Christmas!
Let us rejoice of the Saviors birth and really make sure we remember what Christmas is all about!!

Yours truly,
Hermana Curapil

Monday, December 14, 2015

Humble Pie!!

Hola hermanos y hermanas!

We have had such a humbling week this week!
We had such a lovely week full of lessons with investigators and less
actives and not a single one of them happened!
 I love it so much when that happens!!! There's absolutely no sarcasm in that!
The reason I love it when that happens is because it's a way to be
able to show the Lord that we trust him because I know that when an
appointment doesn't happen is because the Lord needs us some place
else , finding someone else..

So we did lots and lots of finding! And you know what? We saw like
maybe only 2 possible results of our efforts.
Maaannn, we have absolutely no idea what the Lord has planned!! And at
first it was getting a little discouraging.
BUT THEN during my personal study the spirit guided me to a talk and
it's called "you know enough" from October 2008. And it's about
choosing the road of faith, and as members of the church already know
enough, so why doubt?
We know enough to know that everything will work out in the end.
That's so true. I realized that this is not the first area where I
came in and there was no real potential investigator in our teaching
I know enough to know that the Lord put me in this area so that we can
be his instruments and start finding those people who are ready.
I know that. I trust him. His work, not mine. His way,not mine .
So this week we are hoping to soldier on!


- EXCHANGES! I absolutely loved being with Hermana Quintana!! She's a
new missionary and has been out for 3 weeks now. And she is the most
adequate and most humble missionary I've ever met! She's a sweetheart
and won't dare to share her testimony without letting anyone know that
God loves us!

- FINDING 20 bucks on the street!!!
- FINDING ANOTHER 20 dollars on the street!
- Had another district contacting activity, and it's was funny for so many reasons. We are in Puerto Rico Ville! It's a neighborhood by the city where it's 100% puertorican and puerto rican music blasting! There was so much going on. First of all , seeing our super white American elders trying to under their accent (which I don't even understand) and also there was an a group of friends in the corner who were older people and they were all having a wonderful time by insulting each other the whole time. I guess that's how they hang out.
- Trying to stay focused and not go crazy during our 937463937 hours of a planning session for next week.
I love you all!!
Stay humble otherwise the lord will get ya ;)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Buses, Cats , Young Woman and Personal Revelation!

Hola everyone!!

It's been a great week in Logan square!!!

I went on exchange this week back to my old area with my last companion!!! So it was so fun we even got to teach some youth and get some frozen yogurt with them! The weather has been beautiful to us lately. It's perfectly cold right now and everyone is super happy! 


Riding the bus and walking in the city is awesome!! I love bus contacting. I've been able to meet such cool people lately! 

Bus Contacting- so my companion and I got into a little rut with finding so we decided that since people aren't always outside walking in the cold we would go inside the bus to contact.  Yesterday there was a lady my companion contacted and, she is OBSESSED WITH CHRISTMAS(more obsessed then Kirsten) , this lady was born on Christmas Day and her name was Chris Carol....... She wanted to die of joy! We had a super sweet conversation and she said she was going to watch the video. 


And finding a new investigator that was a former investigator. He backed out a day before his baptism. And told us that he feels more prepared for baptism and is ready to come back! His name is Jesus so please keep him in your prayers!!! 

This week has been great to prepare for this upcoming week! We are super pumped to get the work moving forward!!! So pumped to be Hermana stouts companion! 
One thing that really works with us is teaching with boldness and love! I absolutely love those two characteristics! I love being able to use the authority we have to have the right to talk to everyone and testify to everyone. 


And being able to teach the young woman on Sunday! The most powerful thing and my favorite thing to do on this mission. I never want a young woman to keep living her life without knowing the saviors and fathers love for them, that they are worth a ton! And that Heavenly Father needs them back in his presence!! The spirit was super strong as me and Hermana stout testified of why the savior was born for specially them. 

I read my patriarchal blessing this week in order to prepare for a meeting we had. There's something I learned that I wanna share. 
I've been mind blown lately on how much I struggle with trusting in the lord,  the past 6 months is all I've been learning to do.
As I read in my patriarchal blessing I realized that what it says is the exact opposite of what I want my life to really be like. HA! 
As I read it and thought to myself how much I don't want that plan for me or I don't want to fully commit to certain aspects of life. 
I caught myself in that negativity and said to myself " psshhh you think you know what's better for you then the Lord? Nah dude get yourself together and trust in his plan and do his will" BOOM. 
and guess what my pondering scripture was that week anyways? Isaiah 55:8-9 look it up. 
So let me testified that the Lord is very aware of us and we need to "look up to God and LIVE" 

I love you all so much and DONT YOU DARE GIVE UP ON ANYTHING. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cold Feet Warm Hearts

Hello everyone!!! 

So my first week in Logan Square has been great!!!! There's A TON of work to be done here and I am so excited to start creating some beautiful things in this area!! 
I've been able to meet some members which I actually even already know and I've been greeted and welcomed so well, it's so nice and it means a lot to new missionary! 


- we did a district contacting activity. So we set up a table with BOM and pamphlets and cards and got white boards and as people walked by we asked them what they are grateful for and made them right it down on the whiteboard. And even during the red lights since we were in a busy corner street we made sure we passed things to the cars that were wearing for the light to turn green. It was so much fun and very cold! But my heart felt extremely happy! 

- Our ward had a movie night where we watched "meet the Mormons" and it's was such a success, so many people showed up and INVESTIGATORS! 
- WALKING EVERYWHERE. Our area is in Chicago so it's very busy and tons of people outside so we decided to walk everywhere to make sure we are talking to everyone we can and its been working wonderfully!! 
- My companion finished her mission the 31st of December and has been such a great example to me on working hard and finishing strong. She's so focused and determined to work all she can before she finishes. We have a list of things we have to do before she leaves so I'm super pumped. Like getting Christmas sweaters and jumping over a gate (lol jk) , contacting in a grocery store by faking that we are shopping and so on. I think I'm the perfect comp to do this with cause "girls just wanna have fun" 

" A SAVIOR IS BORN "IS OUT!!! It's a new Christmas video and I get chills everyime I watch it!!! 
As missionary with iPads it's HUGE!!! We show it to everyone , everywhere at anytime! On the street, on buses and trains , in people's home, Facebook! So we need you to spread the word and share this video!!! REJOICE REJOICE REJOICE! THAT A SAVIOR IS BORN UNTO US TO SAVE  AND HELP US FROM OUR SINS AND SADNESS SO THAT WE CAN BE BORN AGAIN!!!!! 
A Savior Is Born--Christmas Video (2:00)

A Savior is born. Each Christmas season we celebrate the birth of our Savior--the Son of God, who can save us from sin and sadness. Remember Him, love Him, and follow Him. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Goodbye Chi 4, Hello Chi 3

 So the snow is here!!!
Ahhh and it's beautiful! Cold but beautiful!

So this week I found out I'm getting transferred :(
I am going to go to Chicago 3rd on Logan Square with this amazing
missionary, Hermana Stout!

On Sunday the bishop asked me to bear my testimony and like usual I
cried like a baby as I told these wonderful people that I loved them
and that I'll never forget them and the things I have learned from
Then we got to see the primary program as I again as usual cried like
a baby as they sang songs that I have sang all my life. The reason it
was so sweet to me is because it was sung by these beautiful angels
that while they were up there they kept waving at me and smiling. And
also because the words they sang are true. They sang "I'm a child of
God" , " a child's prayer" "follow the prophet" and the last song they
sang was "I hope they call me on a mission" and that's what hit home
to my heart. I got these flashbacks of myself singing that song with
Kirsten and Chelsea without a clue that one day I'll actually be on a
mission, so would my best friends.
I got overwhelmed with the spirit as it testified to me that the Lord
knew I would be here with these people having these experiences all my
And he knew that Kirsten would be in Austrailia.
And that Chels would be on a mission being a loyal disciple of the
Savior and because of her example and Kirsten's , I am here.
One thing I have learned in this ward, Chicago 4th ward is to keep on
trying. That it's okay to not be perfect but we gotta keep on trying
and getting better and then trying to be excellent and that it's okay
that there's road blocks and to just keep on trying.
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve here and now it's time
for this ward to bless the life of another missionary.

I'm also grateful for the companions I have had while in this area.

My wonderful former comp, Hermana Dyer has taught me to trust that
exact obedience is the key to everything and the way to be successful.

My wonderful daughter Hermana Juan has taught me to be humble and that
"everything is going to be okay"

I know that these beautiful servants of the Lord will accomplish a lot
of things and will help lots of other missionaries!

I'm very excited to grow in another area!

Monday, November 16, 2015

I Can't Think of a Heading for this Email!!

Ahhh this week has been incredible!!

We were able to have our zone conference this week. It's a 6 hour
training! Pheew and that can be draining sometimes but we learn so
much about hastening the Lords work!!
It's great!! One thing that stuck to me is that we were talking about
"ask and ye shall receive"
Something that accord to us is that the scripture DOESN'T say "ask ye
shall receive exactly what you want and when you want it"
It's "ask and ye shall receive what the Lord has in store for you"
It made me think about how many times I put my faith in the wrong
aspect of things when I want something from him. So if it feels like
the  lord isn't responding, check again.

Okay okay okay so I'll start off by sharing that we have a new
investigator who we put on date for the 19th of December! So please
keep her in your prayers, she is so prepared for the gospel!! She was
found as she was crying on her porch when another set of missionaries
approached her, her name is Gaby Luna and she is the sweetest woman
ever with an adorable family!! So we are excited for that!!

We also picked up 2 new investigators! 2 which are part member
families! Which means that the family are members but they are not ,
and it's situations where we had to be extremely bold with love and
authority and it worked! And even came to church this Sunday!!

Also having 4 lessons this week with members present!! Whhoohhoo!!
We have been struggling lately getting members to lessons but all of a
sudden so much willingness and love have been shown by our members
that love missionary work!!
People, if you can do one thing for the missionaries (yes a meal here
and there are nice) but going out with them!!! To see less actives or
to go contacting or tracking or a legit set appointment! DO IT, GO, I

This week this area has bloomed like its spring!
We have been seeing so many miracles lately!!! And so much progress in
the work!! And I know that it's because of the 1 or 2 or 3 times we
have fasted this month!
I can see the Lords hand everyday and I love it!!
I love being a missionary! It's so nice being able to keep my mind
focused on the Lord and on his children.

So while I was doing my personal study the other day I was astounded
reading in Alma 35,36 and chapter 37, mostly where Helaman is being
told some awesome advice about life and stuff and then this one line
in a random scripture just touched me, actually mostly punched me by
the spirit.
It's Alma 37:47 where it says "See that ye look to God and live"
Such a simple line!! It honestly sounds like something that would be
pinned on Pinterest with very nice cursive and pastel colors being
pinned by people who probably don't even get the quote but it looks
pretty and like something young hip people would post.
Something I have been noticing is that there's some people out there
that we have been talking to that make the gospel look so dang hard to
live and I hate hate hate that!!! Or that make the gospel feel just
too demanding !!!
All he asks of us is too keep him in our lives . Do our part and he
will do the rest.
I hope everyone enjoyed their week! Thanks for all the love and support!!!
Yours truly,
Hermana Curapil

We met the happiest guy and were so happy when we gave them a card
with Jesus on it ;)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Receiving a Witness

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone has had a good week!


- it was 8:30 and our appointment fell through and our back up plan
fell through so we were wondering where we were meant to go, so we
decide to drive down this street where it's more city like and people
on the street, when we get there there was no people because it was so
cold and windy. So we were driving and we see these two Hispanic
ladies walking with their dog and so we immediately pull over and
catch up to them. I told them I liked their dog so we didn't come off
weird as we came up behind them and then Hermana Juan asked if we can
show a video to them real quick (blessings of having iPads) and we
showed them "because of him" and as they were watching this video I
get this impression that one of the ladies has cancer. So When the
video was over Hermana Juan asks "what was a big trial in your life
where you have seen Gods hand?" And one the ladies (Jenny) says "I
think she (Berenice) has a better answer then I do" and she says "I
had cancer and almost died and was suppose to die and I didn't and I
know it's because God has a purpose for me in this life" I was amazed
how the spirit told me beforehand cause I was able to tell her
everything the spirit has guided me to say to her and I was talking
her eyes were glued to mine and I dared not to look away. We told them
we have answers to their questions and Berenice immediately took our
her phone and asked us to save our number on it, they are moving down
the street this week so they said we can visit them next week! But it
was so amazing!!!! The spirit was so strong, right there in the cold
in the middle of a street. I could see the spirit in their eyes , I
could see tears forming in their eyes but were able to hold it back
and they were so grateful, and I know that the lord was grateful for
our boldness and love we have to share the gospel with anyone, anytime
under any circumstances.

- ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT! We have an inactive lady who hasn't been to
church for almost a year! And it was mostly because her husband is
against the church and is an alcoholic and is super scary and we only
go over when he isn't home because he doesn't even know that she
receives us . And we have been working to hard with her telling her
about how the lord loves her and how she is capable and has the
courage to do what she needs to do with her husband! And this past
week we ate and her kids left To do their homework and she says
"hermanas I talked to my husband, I told him I'm leaving him with my
kids and I'm COMING BACK TO CHURCH" me and Hermana Juan leaped with
joy and started crying with her and gave her a hug and she said
"thanks for all you have done, I realize now that you guys were right,
I was never alone and I was strong the whole time and had enough faith
the whole time" and we are working with the ward council so that they
can help out ASAP and we are super excited to see her at church with
her kids there this Sunday!!!

I am so amazed how it's true.....we don't receive a witness until
AFTER the trial of our faith! I know that to be true because I have
seen it in my life and I love seeing it in other people's lives!! it
was also a reassurance that only believing and hoping can only get you
so far, it's all about ACTING! And showing the lord that you are
willing to do what must be done! And he will do the rest!! He loves
us, and is so ready to help us and answer our prayers as long as we do
our part and have patience and trust in him!

    - going to alzas birthday party

Monday, November 2, 2015

Story time!

Hola everyone!

( if this too much to read , feel free to look at the pictures and highlights)

This week was so awesome!
The first story I will tell is when during exchanges , me and Hermana
stout had to go to that lesson with the deaf investigator where
Hermana stout got to use her sign language skills, and it was probably
the most strongest lessons I have ever been to. The spirit was so
strong and the whole time I was holding back tears and the funny part
is that I was the least involved person in that lesson. It was so
beautiful to see the way Hermana Stout could communicate with her, and
the thing that impacted me the most is that I could feel Gods love for
her so strongly! She showed such gratitude and had such amazing
questions! It's kind of hard to explain what I felt in that lesson.
For some reason I can't find words but all I know is that the spirit
confirmed to me how much he loves his children and how he really does
provide for the gospel to be taught to anyone in anyway. Not only that
but we watched the restoration with her and as we watched it, I could
see it in her face how the spirit let her know that what she was
watching was true! And my heart was SO FULL!! The spirit confirmed to
me that the restoration happened and Joseph Smith is a true prophet!
And I think that's one of the main things that hit me. That being a
member my whole life , just now on my mission have I gained a
testimony of the Restoration and of The Book Of Mormon and that's the
greatest feeling ever.

Story number two!
Our plans fell through on Thursday. And I have a huge testimony of
when things fall through is because we are needed somewhere else. So
we were trying to find a few PNIs (potential new investigators) and I
parked a few blocks away by accident because I got confused of where
the house was. That PNI wasn't home. So me and Hermana Juan were
walking, and she stops and says" do you think that Hispanics live in
that house? "And I said "idk, let's try it out"  so we walk to the
house a little hesitant , and scared of it being a nonhispanic I tell
Hermana Juan "okay you go for it" and she went and knocked and it was
a Hispanic family!!! It was a lady with 3 sons and we told her who we
were and that we had a 2 minute video on our iPad to show her. And she
let us in and we watched gracias a el and she loved it, she's not
really religious either so she really liked the video. And then we
just testified and asked to come back and she said yes! She was a
little hesitant but we do have a return appointment !

Story number three!
Me and Hermana Stout during exchanges were trying to find a PNI and as
we were walking away from the unanswered door, this polish lady was
raking leaves and we offered to help and she gladly handed over her
rake. And got an extra one for me. And we talked to her a little and
she pointed us to a house and said "you girls need to go visit this
guy, he's needs something spiritual , he's also puerto rican. And one
thing I have learned in the suburbs is once you find a Hispanic ,
right away ask them to start pointing at the houses that Hispanics
live in.  So we asked her if she knows of any other Hispanics and as I
asked her , a couple walks out of their house and Hermana stout goes
over there to talk to them as the polish lady was pointing to me where
the other Hispanics live, We were able to get 3 referrals that day!
And the other day me and Hermana Juan went back to that area and
started asking for more referrals and got 1 more, and we plan on
seeing those people this coming up week. So that's pretty awesome!!


Love Being a Missionary

Somebody Hit Hump Day

Racking Leaves for the First Time in Her Life.