Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm Coming Home

Hello Dear family and friends!
I am happy to say that in 2 days I will have completed a 18 month
mission and I am happy to say that I truly gave ALL I had the best I a full time set apart missionary.
Now....this work never ends. So I must KEEP giving it ALL I have the
best I can FOREVER.
This mission experience has helped me know who I really am and who
those around me are. We are a family and we all wear the same jersey
and we ALL must return to the presence of our father in heaven .
This mission experience has helped me learn who my savior really is
and what he has done for me!
This mission experience has helped me love others no matter what.
This mission experience has helped me learn patience.
This mission experience has helped me get some spiritual abs.
This mission experience has helped me become a better person and
better daughter and sister and neighbor and future mother and wife.
The list can go on forever and forever.
This mission really is the MTC for life, with that being said the REAL
MISSION, THE REAL DEAL starts when I get off that plane and when the
tag comes off!
THATS when I'll REALLY have to be humble and diligent and patient
cause I know life isn't a game and we are at war and there's work to
I'm grateful to have served to truly know how to put on the armor of
God and help those around me put it on themselves!
I'm grateful I served to meet the people who have come into my life
and will never leave it whether they want to or not.
I'm grateful I served to show my love for the Lord and the atonement.
I know I'm not a perfect missionary and not a perfect person but I do
If I do my part , he really will do the rest!
Because of that I can get off that plane Wednesday morning with no regrets.
This mission has changed me and has changed my life and my future and
the future generations of my family to come!
I love this gospel. I love this gospel sssooo much!!!!
Joseph Smith did restore the gospel of Jesus Christ and the EXACT
church he established when he was on earth is on earth AGAIN and that
is and will forever be The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
and I'll never deny it, I can't deny it!
I plan on living it for the rest of my life and all eternity and help
those around me do the same!
Thanks for all the love and support I have received !
Im coming home.
See you all soon!

Matching t shirts and matching shoes
 so we don't forget about each other 

    My last time teaching the youth! It was such an 
     awesome experience to be their teachers! 

Our mini missionaries!! It was such a cool experience being with theses girls for 3 days!! 
We made posters and went to parks and malls and made people write on our poster their answer and people looovvveeeeeedddd us! It was cool! 

- Hermana Naomi Curapil

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