Monday, May 23, 2016

Read This if You Need to Know That God is Aware!

Okay my friends so I have two awesome experiences to share which is why this is super long. 
So me and Hermana Starnes wrote one story and the other wrote the other one. 

First, KIRBY. 
so on Sunday me and Hermana Starnes went out finding. So we were knocking doors and there was tons of people out cause the weather was finally nice. 
There was 2 young guys working on a car. 
My first thoughts were...ugh usually when we talk to guys our age, it gets awkward real fast and they don't understand that we are missionaries. 
So I thought to myself "eh who am I to judge" 
So my companion opens her mouth first and says hi and we started talking to them.  So there we were. We were throwing out inspired questions like they were dollar bills. ( or better . Salvation) 
So anyways, it was a Hispanic  and a Filipino. 
The Hispanic wasn't really interested. So we just talked to Kirby. 
So he asked if we could meet up later and there was a fireside we had to be at . So we told him we couldn't but he could come to the fireside. 
So he (right then and there) says " yeah I'll come, let me go home and change and we can meet at 71st and Pulaski and I'll follow y'all there " 
So we said okay and went to our car talking about how crazy and awesome this was. So we realized we work with Hispanics and were like "oh crap what if the fireside is in Spanish?" So we call a few other missionaries and we find out that the English fireside starts at 6 and the Spanish fireside starts at 7:30 . 
(How wonderful is it that Heavenly Father put into our thoughts that the fireside started at 6 when we really don't need to be there until 7:30
So everything was just laid out perfect. We call the YSA elders telling them to be alert that we are bringing  a guy who is interest. 
We showed and the elders introduced themselves and we sat down. And all these awesome recent converts spoke with a wonderful tender spirit and power. 
After every speaker me and Hermana Starnes would look at Kirby and say " hey you pumped yet? Hey you feel it? Hey you like it? " 
And he would just laugh and say "I'm open minded, so I'm just neutral" 
So everything ended and we asked him if we could into a room with the elders and see if he has questions and stuff. 
So we go into a room and start with a prayer and said he heard lot of things and just has to take it in. 
So we started throwing it down about how much he means to God (he isn't religious, doesn't even know if he should believe in God and has lived in China where  there is no religion) 
So we bear our testimony to him and the spirit is so strong as I told him that God has a plan for him. I look at my comp to let her know it's her turn to speak . When she started saying these beautiful words " Kirby, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the proper authority of God?" 
(Literally met him an hour ago on the street and then there we were fulfilling our purpose as missionaries. Asking him to come unto Christ) 
And he said. Yes! 
So the elders said a few words and we excused ourselves cause the Spanish fireside was starting so we left and later that night we call the YSA elders to see how the rest of the lesson went with Kirby. And they tell us that they talked to him and then elder Rogers said a closing prayer . They all said amen and they looked up and KIRBY WAS IN TEARS!!! 
And told them he he was never felt so welcomed and loved! 
And wants to start meeting with them! 

These two wonderful experiences has edified my understanding of God. He does exist.  He does care. He doesn't want his children to feel lost or scared or forsaken. He really does have a plan. And it WILL TAKE ITS COURSE!! 
Don't fret my friends! Be patient. Be hopeful. Do your part and he will do the rest! 
I love you all! 

So here's is the second miracle written by Hermana Starnes :

"HOW IS BEING A MISSIONARY SO GREAT? So get this. Back in December I was store contacting in Midway and met this super less active couple. They definitely didn't want anything to do with us, and the boyfriend just kept saying that he knows what the church is about and doesn't want any part of it. After prodding for a solid 5 minutes for at least one of their phone numbers, the girlfriend Sandra FINALLY gave us hers. We texted and called often, but she never got back to us. Now fast foreword 5 months to this week(: The Midway hermanas were going through their contacts to find an investigator named Sandra, but they had few contacts all named Sandra and didn't know which one was the one they were looking for. So the reached out to all of them, BUT GET THIS. They ended up making an appointment with one of these Sandra's for that same day and she just so happened to live is BLUE ISLAND. So the herms called us and told us to go this cita...What the what, how great is Heavenly Father? So we go to the cita and once she came down the stairs I thought, "holy cow, I know this lady somehow..." I told Hermana Curapil and she looked ridiculously familiar, and she was like, "haha ok Hna Starnes!" As we began the cita, I told her that I wasn't creepy, but somehow I knew her! She replied, "oh yeah I know! We met at a store in Midway back in December." WHHHHHAAATTTTT. From then on she opened up about how that very morning she was praying on hands and knees to know what to do with her life. She remembered feeling the spirit when she was younger and was desperately searching for it again. She said she was SO SURPRISED to get a text from the missionaries and knew that it was Heavenly Father reaching out to her. As we got to know her a little more, Hna Curapil whips out this incredible scripture in D&C 84 that we had studied during language study that morning. It says, "I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." She began to bawl as she read it and as the spirit filled the entire room. Hna Curapil looked at each other, both of our eyes being filled with tears. We said a kneeling prayer and boldly invited her to come back to Christ because THAT is where emptiness becomes filled. We then  sprinted out to our car to get the triple combination Book of Mormon that she wanted, wrote her a little note on it, and said our goodbyes. As we hugged her to leave, with tear filled eyes she looked us straight in the eye and said, "you were an answer to my prayer today, remember that." Hna Curapil and I were on the verge of breaking down right then and there, but we managed to keep ourselves together. I know that God really does exist,that He really does hear our silent pleas, and that He works through others so that we can get our answers. So tender. And another neat thing is that is wasn't even just Hna Curapil and I!! The midway hermanas, without even knowing it, were being used as tools in the Masters hands! Oh, how great is this calling!! And also also guess what! We ALL have this calling!!! So go out this week and be answers to prayers, follow the spirit--be obedient to the thoughts and promptings you receive! LIVES ARE ON THE LINE. This work is so urgent, and I think sometimes we forget that. YOU CAN DO IT!! Give a Book of Mormon to that friend that has been on your mind for a while, share a scripture with someone over Facebook, do something! (: You will be so much happier as you silently bless the lives of those around you. I know it! BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD, and just as President Kimball says, "Every member a missionary." (: " 

Sea Mormon sea FELIZ! 

Love you all!!

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