Monday, April 11, 2016

Guess Who is Back!!

Hello beautiful people!!

I have had a wonderful week back in blue island!!
I was a little nervous at first but then I got one of the most
beautiful blessing i have ever received from our district leader and
I've never felt so much comfort in my life!!
I love my companion Hermana Villejo . She's so full of fire and
faith!! And I love her to death and she's exactly what I need in my
life right now!
She's from the Philippines but raised in Hawaii. She speaks tolago ( I
thinks that's how it's spelled, but anyways it's the language all of
Kirsten companions speaks and she's teaching me some words and I'm
super stoked that way me and Kirsten can feel super cool together one

Anyways, it was awesome to see the wonderful progression in this area
and ward! I have never been so impressed in my life.
We have so many so many legit investigators ! And new families that
moved into the ward for us to work with . And I am so lucky to be able
to be back!!
I am back to inspired Tracting, which is my favorite thing ever. You
just never know who will open the door!! And we have been able to
teach so many people, it's amazing how they just let us into their
home and I'm so surprised cause that never happened while I was here
the first time.
Sorry this is short but it's all I have time for!!
The church is so true! God is aware.

I got to see melany!!! I don't know if anyone remembers her, but she's the girl me and Hermana Allen found a year ago and it was so wonderful to see she is fully converted into this gospel. She is preparing to serve a mission and it warms my heart! Unfortunately she's moving to Guatemala and it was a tearful even when we said goodbye to her. I'm so proud of her. 

Lol at this awful picture I tried to fit everyone in. We are at this super awesome place in China town!

True true.

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