Monday, May 16, 2016

So This is All I Have!!!!

So we don't have time cause we are playing soccer with zone. 

BUT here are some highlights! 

- finding out me and hermana Starnes will be companions and covering blue island and we are |
  stoked to work with everything we got!! 

- getting a call from my last comp telling me CHRISTIAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED IN TWO

 - being able to just knock doors and talk to everyone in 30 degree weather....IN MAY.

- driving and finding a beautiful sight.

- getting frozen yogurt with my pal gals 

And here's this awesome thing from my awesome mission president:

We had zone training early in the morning. It was good. Something I really liked was our mission president comparing our view of the Atonement to the beliefs of others. First, he had someone put a
plastic grocery bag on their head to represent those who only believe that by grace we are saved and that you just have to say you've sinned and that is all. Then, he had someone out a rain poncho on and
this represented those that believe that there are only a few lucky ones who are saved. He compared it to a volcano that everyone is going in but God chooses to save a few of us. Then he had a set of elders
come and hold a big umbrella and have the rest of their district (4 more missionaries) come and stand under it. They all fit! This is the restored church's view on the atonement. It is much deeper and covers
everyone! He also compared it to missionaries and members, how we carry around the umbrella and can help others receive the shelter it brings. Another sister commented that we can't force them to come
under the umbrella either, and if someone backs away just a little bit they are going to get wet again. Super cool analogy/object lesson!! After that, we came back and did some studies then went finding.
This week also we learned of a survey that earn elders mom sent him that is perfect for missionaries! It's a great way to get to know people especially on door steps. 

Anyways! I'm sorry this email is not perfect but it's okay neither are y'all ;) 
I love you all. My heart is always so warm, and full of joy to know that I am a missionary. 
And ahhhh i just want to give it my all!!! Thanks for all the love and support !!! 
I love you all!! 

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