Monday, July 11, 2016

Every Nation, Kindred and Tounge

Hello everyone!!!

So this week consists of finding a lot and getting caught in the rain
and loving life and teaching a Muslim family.
So we knocked on a door and a Muslim lady opened and we stood their
awkwardly (cause....she's Muslim....) and I said the first things that
came into mind and asked if they would like to see a video of Jesus
Christ and she went and got her 12 year old grandson and he translated
for us and before we know it she was smiling and motioning for us to
go inside. So we go inside and show the video and  as it's playing the
spirit filled the room and it was so hard to hold back tears as I
thought the love Heavenly Father has for all his children and how this
gospel really can reach every nation, kindred  and tongue possible.
After the video they said they liked it  and fed us Arabic cookies
more then his pics make us eat tacos and then the 12 year old boy
started telling us about all their beliefs and it was crazy cool to
see how similar our religions are to each other. He talked about Jesus
Christ, Mohammad, and other prophets they believe in and then showed
us the book they read out of and it was ssooo cool and how that book
was written by prophets and stuff and that's when we said " we also
have another book that was written by prophets " and basically taught
about Joseph Smith and what the Book of Mormon is about and he was so
interested and he restated everything we told him in his own words and
he told us how he has read the bible the King James Version and how he
wants to read a Roman Catholic bible and stuff and he was so
intelligent it was crazy! So we left them with a book of Mormon and as
we were walking out his grandma kissed us and hugged us a million
times and he said " you better come back, I'm gonna have questions
about this book"
It was the coolest thing ever!!

Wet and happy :) 
The hottest apartments we have ever been to. 

Pdaaayyy :) 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Goodbye and Hello!!!

My heart is full of emotions this week!! 

Mostly cause it was filled with goodbyes and hellos!! 
GOODBYE : I got say bye to my mission president . The Woodburys and it was such a tender moment to say bye to them. As we all stood in line to shake presidents hand and hug sister Woodbury. right when it was my turn, tears just strolled down my face and shook my hand and looked me in the eyes and said a ton of wonderful things. 
So something really cool and powerful that happened was that we all stood in a circle a no sang a song with them and then we all knelt in prayer and president offered it and THEN he says " I feel impressed  to leave a blessing upon all the missionaries head who are here " and gave us all a blessing at the same time!! It was such an emotional thing as he blessed all of us with all the things I need for my last transfer! It was beautiful! 

HELLO: PRESIDENT BINGHAM IS SOOOO LEGIT!!! He is so full of energy! A really cool thing is that he's a little younger then most mission presidents, so he came into this field with his wife, his 2 twins daughters who are 16 and the day they got set apart their son got home from his own mission and packed up and came to Chicago! 
He is sssuuuppperrr funny and upbeat and injected energy to all of our veins! 
He said SOOOO many inspired things that I really needed to hear and so did his wife and his son. Something his son said which was super cool was " don't get tired, when you don't feel like fighting is the best time to fight cause that's when an actual battle can be won, so go and win the battle" 
Then his wife talked about how they met and he interrupted  the whole time to "correct" things and the super funny story turned into such a spiritual thought of following the spirit . 
His daughter are super cute and are gonna be boss missionaries one day! 
Something that they said that has helped through this week  that they said about their dad (especially on the days of 6 hours of finding and contacting)  was " something he does when he wants to relax and rest after a hard day of work is he goes out and works a littler harder for a little longer) 

GOODBYE: to my sweet good friend Hermana Starnes! She has taught me so much!! I can honestly say that we worked hard for her last transfer. We got things moving in this ward and in our area and I am grateful for her diligence and awesome charity. Now she's of to bless the lives of people back home. 

HELLO: to the most quirky , hilarious , diligent Hermana on the mission! HERMANA TERRY is my new companion and she's the EXACT pace I need for my last 6 weeks. She helps me not want to bash my head through the wall to get everything possible. If it was up to me I would knock door after door after door after door and  I would love it but she reminds me making sure are diligent in filling the spirit especially since we are in an area where any kind of race can open the door. She's great!! 

( we taught the 3 year olds and it was so fun and so cute ) 

GOODBYE: Hermana Davis was this super old lady that we would always visit to keep her company since she was by herself and always so sick. Since my first day on the field and have met I have wished for her to rest in peace and after 17 months she finally is resting. It was a sweet experience as we were the ones who had to take her to the hospital and the only ones by her side until they got a hold of her actual family.  So many confirmations happened in this experience about the plan of salvation and how aware Heavenly Father is of us. As we said bye to her and gave her a last hug and kiss , I felt so much peace and happiness for her cause she has suffered so much in the life and it a giant example of me of enduring and being loyal no matter the circumstances of our lives. 

HELLO: to my last  transfer. I never thought this transfer would ever happen. And I'm so pumped to soak up every single minute of it so I can apply everything I have learned for the rest of my life!! It's awesome to see all the changes I have made and how much I have grown and gained! (Spiritually and physically 😂
And I plan on running to the finish line !