Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Hello everyone!

We had such a great week!!
We have done so much finding !!! We have a goal to contact 1000 people
as a district the past 2 weeks and it has been so draining and
fantastic I love being a missionary so much!!
There's two things that happened this week that was way cool!
1 . We had a Father's Day activity. Where we made 200 cupcakes and
then when everyone came we wrote a spiritual thought, a plate of
cupcakes and we sent those families to visit less active families and
investigators to show love and invite them to the activity and then we
all gathered back to eat and have a good time. And it was a fantastic
time! Everyone shared their experience as to what it felt to visit
their people and there was such a sweet spirit!! And everyone was so
happy to do some missionary work! And then we ended by bearing our
testimony of our fathers and I weeped like a baby because I love my dad and he is awesome!

2 . We had a youth out with us who is a rockstar and we went to
cemeteries because it was filled with people visiting their passed
away father and he taught everyone about the plan of salvation. It was
one of the boldest things we have done but it has been our dream. The
reaction of those sweet children was priceless and they hugged us and
thanked us for reaching out to them during their hard times. We got
all their info and send them off to the missionaries they belonged to.
Although we didn't find anyone for ourselves to teach we know we did
what Heavenly Father wanted us to do.

I love this work! It's the most important work ever! I love Chicago. I
love the polluted air, the interesting people, the yummy food, the
trains, the buildings, and their beautiful flag!
Have a great week everyone!

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