Monday, December 14, 2015

Humble Pie!!

Hola hermanos y hermanas!

We have had such a humbling week this week!
We had such a lovely week full of lessons with investigators and less
actives and not a single one of them happened!
 I love it so much when that happens!!! There's absolutely no sarcasm in that!
The reason I love it when that happens is because it's a way to be
able to show the Lord that we trust him because I know that when an
appointment doesn't happen is because the Lord needs us some place
else , finding someone else..

So we did lots and lots of finding! And you know what? We saw like
maybe only 2 possible results of our efforts.
Maaannn, we have absolutely no idea what the Lord has planned!! And at
first it was getting a little discouraging.
BUT THEN during my personal study the spirit guided me to a talk and
it's called "you know enough" from October 2008. And it's about
choosing the road of faith, and as members of the church already know
enough, so why doubt?
We know enough to know that everything will work out in the end.
That's so true. I realized that this is not the first area where I
came in and there was no real potential investigator in our teaching
I know enough to know that the Lord put me in this area so that we can
be his instruments and start finding those people who are ready.
I know that. I trust him. His work, not mine. His way,not mine .
So this week we are hoping to soldier on!


- EXCHANGES! I absolutely loved being with Hermana Quintana!! She's a
new missionary and has been out for 3 weeks now. And she is the most
adequate and most humble missionary I've ever met! She's a sweetheart
and won't dare to share her testimony without letting anyone know that
God loves us!

- FINDING 20 bucks on the street!!!
- FINDING ANOTHER 20 dollars on the street!
- Had another district contacting activity, and it's was funny for so many reasons. We are in Puerto Rico Ville! It's a neighborhood by the city where it's 100% puertorican and puerto rican music blasting! There was so much going on. First of all , seeing our super white American elders trying to under their accent (which I don't even understand) and also there was an a group of friends in the corner who were older people and they were all having a wonderful time by insulting each other the whole time. I guess that's how they hang out.
- Trying to stay focused and not go crazy during our 937463937 hours of a planning session for next week.
I love you all!!
Stay humble otherwise the lord will get ya ;)

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