Monday, November 2, 2015

Story time!

Hola everyone!

( if this too much to read , feel free to look at the pictures and highlights)

This week was so awesome!
The first story I will tell is when during exchanges , me and Hermana
stout had to go to that lesson with the deaf investigator where
Hermana stout got to use her sign language skills, and it was probably
the most strongest lessons I have ever been to. The spirit was so
strong and the whole time I was holding back tears and the funny part
is that I was the least involved person in that lesson. It was so
beautiful to see the way Hermana Stout could communicate with her, and
the thing that impacted me the most is that I could feel Gods love for
her so strongly! She showed such gratitude and had such amazing
questions! It's kind of hard to explain what I felt in that lesson.
For some reason I can't find words but all I know is that the spirit
confirmed to me how much he loves his children and how he really does
provide for the gospel to be taught to anyone in anyway. Not only that
but we watched the restoration with her and as we watched it, I could
see it in her face how the spirit let her know that what she was
watching was true! And my heart was SO FULL!! The spirit confirmed to
me that the restoration happened and Joseph Smith is a true prophet!
And I think that's one of the main things that hit me. That being a
member my whole life , just now on my mission have I gained a
testimony of the Restoration and of The Book Of Mormon and that's the
greatest feeling ever.

Story number two!
Our plans fell through on Thursday. And I have a huge testimony of
when things fall through is because we are needed somewhere else. So
we were trying to find a few PNIs (potential new investigators) and I
parked a few blocks away by accident because I got confused of where
the house was. That PNI wasn't home. So me and Hermana Juan were
walking, and she stops and says" do you think that Hispanics live in
that house? "And I said "idk, let's try it out"  so we walk to the
house a little hesitant , and scared of it being a nonhispanic I tell
Hermana Juan "okay you go for it" and she went and knocked and it was
a Hispanic family!!! It was a lady with 3 sons and we told her who we
were and that we had a 2 minute video on our iPad to show her. And she
let us in and we watched gracias a el and she loved it, she's not
really religious either so she really liked the video. And then we
just testified and asked to come back and she said yes! She was a
little hesitant but we do have a return appointment !

Story number three!
Me and Hermana Stout during exchanges were trying to find a PNI and as
we were walking away from the unanswered door, this polish lady was
raking leaves and we offered to help and she gladly handed over her
rake. And got an extra one for me. And we talked to her a little and
she pointed us to a house and said "you girls need to go visit this
guy, he's needs something spiritual , he's also puerto rican. And one
thing I have learned in the suburbs is once you find a Hispanic ,
right away ask them to start pointing at the houses that Hispanics
live in.  So we asked her if she knows of any other Hispanics and as I
asked her , a couple walks out of their house and Hermana stout goes
over there to talk to them as the polish lady was pointing to me where
the other Hispanics live, We were able to get 3 referrals that day!
And the other day me and Hermana Juan went back to that area and
started asking for more referrals and got 1 more, and we plan on
seeing those people this coming up week. So that's pretty awesome!!


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