Monday, November 23, 2015

Goodbye Chi 4, Hello Chi 3

 So the snow is here!!!
Ahhh and it's beautiful! Cold but beautiful!

So this week I found out I'm getting transferred :(
I am going to go to Chicago 3rd on Logan Square with this amazing
missionary, Hermana Stout!

On Sunday the bishop asked me to bear my testimony and like usual I
cried like a baby as I told these wonderful people that I loved them
and that I'll never forget them and the things I have learned from
Then we got to see the primary program as I again as usual cried like
a baby as they sang songs that I have sang all my life. The reason it
was so sweet to me is because it was sung by these beautiful angels
that while they were up there they kept waving at me and smiling. And
also because the words they sang are true. They sang "I'm a child of
God" , " a child's prayer" "follow the prophet" and the last song they
sang was "I hope they call me on a mission" and that's what hit home
to my heart. I got these flashbacks of myself singing that song with
Kirsten and Chelsea without a clue that one day I'll actually be on a
mission, so would my best friends.
I got overwhelmed with the spirit as it testified to me that the Lord
knew I would be here with these people having these experiences all my
And he knew that Kirsten would be in Austrailia.
And that Chels would be on a mission being a loyal disciple of the
Savior and because of her example and Kirsten's , I am here.
One thing I have learned in this ward, Chicago 4th ward is to keep on
trying. That it's okay to not be perfect but we gotta keep on trying
and getting better and then trying to be excellent and that it's okay
that there's road blocks and to just keep on trying.
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve here and now it's time
for this ward to bless the life of another missionary.

I'm also grateful for the companions I have had while in this area.

My wonderful former comp, Hermana Dyer has taught me to trust that
exact obedience is the key to everything and the way to be successful.

My wonderful daughter Hermana Juan has taught me to be humble and that
"everything is going to be okay"

I know that these beautiful servants of the Lord will accomplish a lot
of things and will help lots of other missionaries!

I'm very excited to grow in another area!

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