Monday, November 9, 2015

Receiving a Witness

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I hope everyone has had a good week!


- it was 8:30 and our appointment fell through and our back up plan
fell through so we were wondering where we were meant to go, so we
decide to drive down this street where it's more city like and people
on the street, when we get there there was no people because it was so
cold and windy. So we were driving and we see these two Hispanic
ladies walking with their dog and so we immediately pull over and
catch up to them. I told them I liked their dog so we didn't come off
weird as we came up behind them and then Hermana Juan asked if we can
show a video to them real quick (blessings of having iPads) and we
showed them "because of him" and as they were watching this video I
get this impression that one of the ladies has cancer. So When the
video was over Hermana Juan asks "what was a big trial in your life
where you have seen Gods hand?" And one the ladies (Jenny) says "I
think she (Berenice) has a better answer then I do" and she says "I
had cancer and almost died and was suppose to die and I didn't and I
know it's because God has a purpose for me in this life" I was amazed
how the spirit told me beforehand cause I was able to tell her
everything the spirit has guided me to say to her and I was talking
her eyes were glued to mine and I dared not to look away. We told them
we have answers to their questions and Berenice immediately took our
her phone and asked us to save our number on it, they are moving down
the street this week so they said we can visit them next week! But it
was so amazing!!!! The spirit was so strong, right there in the cold
in the middle of a street. I could see the spirit in their eyes , I
could see tears forming in their eyes but were able to hold it back
and they were so grateful, and I know that the lord was grateful for
our boldness and love we have to share the gospel with anyone, anytime
under any circumstances.

- ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT! We have an inactive lady who hasn't been to
church for almost a year! And it was mostly because her husband is
against the church and is an alcoholic and is super scary and we only
go over when he isn't home because he doesn't even know that she
receives us . And we have been working to hard with her telling her
about how the lord loves her and how she is capable and has the
courage to do what she needs to do with her husband! And this past
week we ate and her kids left To do their homework and she says
"hermanas I talked to my husband, I told him I'm leaving him with my
kids and I'm COMING BACK TO CHURCH" me and Hermana Juan leaped with
joy and started crying with her and gave her a hug and she said
"thanks for all you have done, I realize now that you guys were right,
I was never alone and I was strong the whole time and had enough faith
the whole time" and we are working with the ward council so that they
can help out ASAP and we are super excited to see her at church with
her kids there this Sunday!!!

I am so amazed how it's true.....we don't receive a witness until
AFTER the trial of our faith! I know that to be true because I have
seen it in my life and I love seeing it in other people's lives!! it
was also a reassurance that only believing and hoping can only get you
so far, it's all about ACTING! And showing the lord that you are
willing to do what must be done! And he will do the rest!! He loves
us, and is so ready to help us and answer our prayers as long as we do
our part and have patience and trust in him!

    - going to alzas birthday party

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