Monday, December 7, 2015

Buses, Cats , Young Woman and Personal Revelation!

Hola everyone!!

It's been a great week in Logan square!!!

I went on exchange this week back to my old area with my last companion!!! So it was so fun we even got to teach some youth and get some frozen yogurt with them! The weather has been beautiful to us lately. It's perfectly cold right now and everyone is super happy! 


Riding the bus and walking in the city is awesome!! I love bus contacting. I've been able to meet such cool people lately! 

Bus Contacting- so my companion and I got into a little rut with finding so we decided that since people aren't always outside walking in the cold we would go inside the bus to contact.  Yesterday there was a lady my companion contacted and, she is OBSESSED WITH CHRISTMAS(more obsessed then Kirsten) , this lady was born on Christmas Day and her name was Chris Carol....... She wanted to die of joy! We had a super sweet conversation and she said she was going to watch the video. 


And finding a new investigator that was a former investigator. He backed out a day before his baptism. And told us that he feels more prepared for baptism and is ready to come back! His name is Jesus so please keep him in your prayers!!! 

This week has been great to prepare for this upcoming week! We are super pumped to get the work moving forward!!! So pumped to be Hermana stouts companion! 
One thing that really works with us is teaching with boldness and love! I absolutely love those two characteristics! I love being able to use the authority we have to have the right to talk to everyone and testify to everyone. 


And being able to teach the young woman on Sunday! The most powerful thing and my favorite thing to do on this mission. I never want a young woman to keep living her life without knowing the saviors and fathers love for them, that they are worth a ton! And that Heavenly Father needs them back in his presence!! The spirit was super strong as me and Hermana stout testified of why the savior was born for specially them. 

I read my patriarchal blessing this week in order to prepare for a meeting we had. There's something I learned that I wanna share. 
I've been mind blown lately on how much I struggle with trusting in the lord,  the past 6 months is all I've been learning to do.
As I read in my patriarchal blessing I realized that what it says is the exact opposite of what I want my life to really be like. HA! 
As I read it and thought to myself how much I don't want that plan for me or I don't want to fully commit to certain aspects of life. 
I caught myself in that negativity and said to myself " psshhh you think you know what's better for you then the Lord? Nah dude get yourself together and trust in his plan and do his will" BOOM. 
and guess what my pondering scripture was that week anyways? Isaiah 55:8-9 look it up. 
So let me testified that the Lord is very aware of us and we need to "look up to God and LIVE" 

I love you all so much and DONT YOU DARE GIVE UP ON ANYTHING. 

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