Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chicago Riots and Caroling

Alright everyone I have a crazy story to tell! Normally I wouldn't
include a story like this in a weekly email but it's just such a good
So it's a blessing to be serving in the WILMETTE SPANISH ZONE! Because
we cover the city!!
So we decided to have a zone caroling activity where we sing, pass out
free hot chocolate and Books of Mormon and pamphlets!
So me and my comp get there a little early because we needed food. And
saw the spot the zone leaders picked to set up at and saw a mob of
angry people protesting (something about a cop shooting someone 16
So we called our zone leaders to tell them so we moved the spot to the
Bean at millennial park. So we set up right at the entrance. And
everything is going fine and we notice helicopters in the sky but we
just keep going. So we are having success and tons of cops show up to
the park. And we are right by the street. I'm trying to give you a
good image here. So we are by Michigan Street which is the busy
downtown street on Chicago. And we then from a distant we see that
group protestors on the street with a ton more people and their
heading down the street. Where we are. So we just keep doing our
thing. Then the cops at the park literally all stand right in front of
our table.  Blocking the entrance of the park. This mob starts running
a little faster, so we kind of panic and say "okay we need to go" so
we start packing and the cops turn around and say "no, don't go. KEEP
SINGING!" So imagine a huge crowd yelling things with signs and then
us missionaries singing silent night holy night and in between us is
So as we are all singing we kind of look at each other like "is this
the end?" "Are we going to die like this" and the crowd thankfully turns
Now, I like to think that it's the power of those Christmas corals
that made that mob not charge at cops and at us. And the best part was
seeing the people's faces. As they saw protestors protesting and us
singing spiritual Hymns. A lot of people took pictures and videos of
those two very different situations going on at the same time.
We then moved our location and carried on with the Lords work!
And just so no one worries, our mission president is aware we are in
not a safe city and we are taken care of very well and kept safe!

-exchanges!! I got to be with Hermana Knowledge for a day and it was so awesome! I've learned so much from her!! She really helped me out a ton! I'm starting to realize that the Lord made me a Sister Training Leader so that I can learn from other missionaries a lot faster than I would not having the responsibilities that we have.

- Our Christmas party!! So many investigators showed up!!! And made so many friends with the members! It was sweet, sweet sight!!!

- caroling with the ward to less actives and feeling that sweet spirit as those less actives were so surprised and uplifted!!

-my companion got a dinner approved to go over to her mom’s friend’s house, who is American. And fed us very American food, and we felt so awkward. I don't know how to talk to white people anymore.

I felt the peace i really been needing lately


- Our relief society put together a basket of things for the missionaries for Christmas presents! So sweet of them!!
I'm so pumped for Christmas, we are so blessed!! We have so many members that love us and I just want everyone to know that I'm going to have a wonderful Christmas with my new family :)
And I hope you all have wonderful Christmas!
Let us rejoice of the Saviors birth and really make sure we remember what Christmas is all about!!

Yours truly,
Hermana Curapil

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