Monday, November 16, 2015

I Can't Think of a Heading for this Email!!

Ahhh this week has been incredible!!

We were able to have our zone conference this week. It's a 6 hour
training! Pheew and that can be draining sometimes but we learn so
much about hastening the Lords work!!
It's great!! One thing that stuck to me is that we were talking about
"ask and ye shall receive"
Something that accord to us is that the scripture DOESN'T say "ask ye
shall receive exactly what you want and when you want it"
It's "ask and ye shall receive what the Lord has in store for you"
It made me think about how many times I put my faith in the wrong
aspect of things when I want something from him. So if it feels like
the  lord isn't responding, check again.

Okay okay okay so I'll start off by sharing that we have a new
investigator who we put on date for the 19th of December! So please
keep her in your prayers, she is so prepared for the gospel!! She was
found as she was crying on her porch when another set of missionaries
approached her, her name is Gaby Luna and she is the sweetest woman
ever with an adorable family!! So we are excited for that!!

We also picked up 2 new investigators! 2 which are part member
families! Which means that the family are members but they are not ,
and it's situations where we had to be extremely bold with love and
authority and it worked! And even came to church this Sunday!!

Also having 4 lessons this week with members present!! Whhoohhoo!!
We have been struggling lately getting members to lessons but all of a
sudden so much willingness and love have been shown by our members
that love missionary work!!
People, if you can do one thing for the missionaries (yes a meal here
and there are nice) but going out with them!!! To see less actives or
to go contacting or tracking or a legit set appointment! DO IT, GO, I

This week this area has bloomed like its spring!
We have been seeing so many miracles lately!!! And so much progress in
the work!! And I know that it's because of the 1 or 2 or 3 times we
have fasted this month!
I can see the Lords hand everyday and I love it!!
I love being a missionary! It's so nice being able to keep my mind
focused on the Lord and on his children.

So while I was doing my personal study the other day I was astounded
reading in Alma 35,36 and chapter 37, mostly where Helaman is being
told some awesome advice about life and stuff and then this one line
in a random scripture just touched me, actually mostly punched me by
the spirit.
It's Alma 37:47 where it says "See that ye look to God and live"
Such a simple line!! It honestly sounds like something that would be
pinned on Pinterest with very nice cursive and pastel colors being
pinned by people who probably don't even get the quote but it looks
pretty and like something young hip people would post.
Something I have been noticing is that there's some people out there
that we have been talking to that make the gospel look so dang hard to
live and I hate hate hate that!!! Or that make the gospel feel just
too demanding !!!
All he asks of us is too keep him in our lives . Do our part and he
will do the rest.
I hope everyone enjoyed their week! Thanks for all the love and support!!!
Yours truly,
Hermana Curapil

We met the happiest guy and were so happy when we gave them a card
with Jesus on it ;)

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