Monday, February 1, 2016

Start Fast, Run Hard, You Can Rest Later

Hello beautiful people!!

It's been a wonderful week!!
We had a lesson with Jillian and her family with our mission president
and it was amazing!! Jillian feels so prepared and excited to be
baptized! It's in two weeks so please keep her in your prayers so that
nothing changes!

Another awesome thing! I get to go back to my last area for a
baptism!! And I'm so pumped! Please also pray everything goes well for
Gaby on the 20th of February!

We walked a ton this week!! And we were able to  A LOT of potential
investigators and they are people who are sincerely interested! So we
are super awesome for all the appointments we have with them this

There's a reporter who is doing a story on missionaries and she's been
with us this week and she just takes a lot of notes and asks us a
millions questions and it's so awesome how blown away she is! She
can't believe how people actually listen to us and open up to us from
the very beginning. And now that I think about it, missionary work is
kind of awesome!! After 4 hours of missionary work we were walking and
she says "are you guys tired? Cause I'm exhausted and all I'm doing is
observing?" And me and Hermana French just look at each other not
really trying to admit that we are super tired and tell her that being
tired is something that kind of never goes away for missionaries , we
just become used to it and we just keep going cause we love our Lord.
After she left , me and Hermana French kept trying to work hard and we
were talking about what Tess (the reporter ) said. And I said to
Hermana French "Hermana you know what's crazy? We could  stop for five
minutes and get a quick sip of water. But are we going to right now.
No!! Isn't that crazy how we know that sore feet and runny noses is
what's going to bring us joy at the end of our day instead of a quick
rest ?" and she laughed and said "haha yeah that's so true. But we
love the Lord and we are gonna keep working until a sip of water and a
quick 5 minutes rest is very very needed"
At that moment I just thought to myself how crazy missionaries are! We
just go and go and go until we can't anymore because we know how
important this work is and we love this gospel so much!
I'm so grateful that I can be doing this work right now in my life
before it got too late. I am learning so much about Heavenly Father
and our savior. I am so in love with this gospel and with Chicago. I'm
so grateful for sore feet and cold noses and raggedy skirts and the
awesome friends I have made. I'm so grateful I can NEVER EVER regret
not knowing if a mission was something I should've done.
I love you all!!! Keep going!!

- there's this super old Hermana in our ward and she got super mad at
us cause we didn't go over to eat and she told us that next time she
was going to hit us with a wooden spoon and then we were helping her
peel potatoes and she was a critic and told us we are never gonna find
a husband. HA!!

- going to the art museum for free cause we true Chicagoans

- my companion is super awkward around kids and we were teaching a less active in the library and the little girl forced her to play with her and it was awesome 

You are capable, competent, creative, careful.
Prove it!!!

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