Friday, February 26, 2016

Meet Jillian!

Hello  family and friends! 

Our week was great!! We couldn't do much because Hermana Rowbury was sick, but we were still able to have a cool lesson with Jillian and her family and with Hermana French (she asked to stay an extra week to be at Jillian's baptism) and her dad and sister. Hermana French asked if we could teach her about eternal
families and have her dad bear testimony of how much of a fight against the natural man and the adversary there is to get to the temple
We showed the Mormon message "temple are a beacon" and while they were watching that I had an impression to share an experience about one of my best friend, Kirsten . She wasn't sealed to her parents and that always weighed on her shoulders. And I told them about when we were 15 we went to EFY and a speaker or someone important came up to her and told her "hey don't give up, it'll happen someday" and that always stuck with her. 

She and I were endowed on the same day. And after our session we went into the sealing room and I got to watch my best friend get sealed to her family. I'm very close with them and it was such a cool experience of seeing them there after all that they been through. The spirit was so strong!!! Hermana Rowbury then asked Hermano French how he feels about being together with "Amber" (lol Hermana French). After a while of being separated. And he got a little emotional and talked bout how grateful he is for his daughters because they are a great example to him. And it was such a sweet experience. 

Jillian and her family were glued to every word we had to say. It was amazing! At Jillians baptism, she looked so happy and excited!!!! The baptism was so sweet and tender! She had a lot of her friends and family come who
aren't members and she kept introducing us as "my missionaries" or "these are my missionaries". It was sweet!! :)
P.S Hermana Rowbury and I are BFFs.
The windiest day of our life! Walking around was rough!
We were so sore the day after from walking against the wind all day
Ya my face is barely in this pic
but look how cute my comp is

Jillian barely smiles so this was a big deal

Jillian and her Family

Hermana French, Jillian, Hermana Curapil, Hermana Rowberry, and Elder

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