Monday, August 31, 2015

Round 2

The time for the dynamic duo is over. 
BUT change means progression! 
I will be training AGAIN! 
I love serving the Lord by taking care of a brand new missionary. 
We only have one Spanish Hermana coming in and the lord knows I probably have a lot to learn from my new kid! 
I'm extremely lucky to have this opportunity again.
Training is good, I just have to keep her alive right? 
I'll meet her on Tuesday. 
Haha so this week has been very good. We have been seeing these crazy miracles! 
My favorite one is when we were driving home and we pulled up and for some reason there wasn't as much traffic as there usually is so we pulled up at 8:45 to our apartment. And decided to talk to one more person. 
So we knocked on a PNIs house that lived only down the street from our apartment . And we were looking for a Giovanni Castro. But he no longer lived there . These really kind ladies were the ones that answered, So we explained to them that we are missionary's and that he had interest in the past, so we asked them if they would have interest, and one lady was kind of like" I already go to a church but you guys are always welcome to stop by" and then as we have them our information, that ladies leaves to take care of a crying baby. And the other lady looks at us with the biggest smile ever that it was almost creepy.
So we just smile back at her trying to see if she was just really happy or if she was crazy. 
And all of a sudden she says "I'm convinced you girls are angels sent by God" 
"I am always running into missionaries like you guys, some were boys that were named elder in Mexico and then again here when I came to America , never paid too much thought to them and thought what they did was nice but I have been looking for you guys because I am going through some problems and I feel like there's something I am missing, I have faith in the lord and I know that he's there but there's something inside me that craves to know something more and I have been praying for a sign  and then you guys knocked on a door while looking for someone else and I know you girls are the sign" 
We were SHOCKED!!!! 
She started to cry and we just hugged her and testified that we are messengers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that we have been lead to her. We testified that she wasn't alone and that there's a lot more and we have what's she's looking for her. She gave us the sweetest hugs and made an appointment with us later this week . 


We skipped back to our apartment that night! In awe that the Lord is in every detail and helps us in every way as long as we are diligent and faithful! 

My other favorite story is of our investigator Alejandro and Patricia. 
Alejandro is nuts! (I've told you guys this already) and we can't ever tell if he takes us seriously cause of his personality. 
We haven't seen him in 2 weeks and we were a little iffy about him. So we knock and he answered and was so happy to see us and I was closest to the door and gives me a GAINT HUG ( MY MIND FLIPPED OUT) and I start laughing super nervously. And he then gives Hna dyer a GAINT hug . And I think he saw how uncomfortable we got and says "oops I'm sorry but I just missed you guys" haha we were just like "no no we missed you guys too!" They let us in and they told us how they read 8 chapters in the Book of Mormon!!!! That's a miracle! And he had bookmark all thelaces where he had super awesome questions about and literally said "WOW THIS BOOK DOES GO HAND IN HAND WITH THE BIBLE, ITS TRUE WHAT YOU GUYS SAID" 

I almost flipped the table from excitement, because we were in verge of dropping them. They also apologized and explained how they been super busy and stuff. But that they love us :) 

Alejandro and Patricia and their daughter (investigators) 
They gave us so much food. 
We ate 
Colombian empanadas
Puerto Rican rice
And tacos
in one sitting 
So many blessings.....

My Other Sweet Investigators, Bianca and Erika
Its not the best picture, but you can tell how happy we were to get a cupcake!!!

My Almost Finished Skirt

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