Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food Poisoning, Skirts, and Tiredness

So this week we got some food poisoning going on, a very sweet sick puerto rican lady gave us some very very questionable food this week. 
"Oh Hermana this is delicious, what kind of meat is it" 
"Idk , it's that cheap canned paste lunch meat" 
"Oh it's great" 
It was a long night, but thank goodness that mine only lasted one day and Hermana dyer is still pulling through. 
So we couldn't do too much this week, but here are some highlights :) 

Weekly highlights


-going on exchanges and staying up so late talking that the past couple of days have been rough( I literally feel like an old lady who needs her sleep/ a zombie that can't process things because of tiredness) 
And we have a member that lives down stairs and we do service for her every Friday, so we are helping her make skirts and even learning how to make our own. #missionteacheslifeskills


-we have this TIWI thing that our mission got on our cars. And it's the most awful thing ever, we all have our own cards and have to log in whenever we drive. And we are not allowed to go past the speed limit or "drive aggressively" otherwise there's a recording of Thomas s Monson telling us to slow down or that we are driving aggressively.............

Just kidding , it's not Thomas S Monson voice. But it would've been cool. But there is a voice that sounds like a robot. 

Anyways, yeah this monster records everything we do and then sends it to our mission president and vehicle coordinator, so driving has been stressfulso far. The thing that sucks is that we are in the city, there's not much of a speed limit.....so everyone has been hating us.....whatever we are just getting more refined. So once we are home, we will learn how to be safe and diligent with technology AND how to drive super safe. once we were in that meeting with TIWI dude and when he was explaining aaalllll the rules and stuff we could just hear the sighs of a thousand worried parents. 
Good stuff 

-we did this finding activity, where we went to a park and set up a stand with our members and gave out free snow cones and meanwhile we talk to people about the gospel and go contacting with our members. It was so much fun and we talked to so many people And set up appointmimage3.JPGents! I love this ward, this ward is on fire. 


-going to zone training, and we got asked to do a role play, and our zone leaders told us to think of our own investigators and play them and then the ZLs were going to be the missionaries. So me and Hermana dyer looked at each and said "Alejandro and Patricia" 
So Alejandro is a NUT! He can't sit still, is very loud and hilarious, and always makes us eat something whether we want it or not. He's awesome . 
So I got to play Alejandro, and Hermana dyer was like " can you live up to it?" And I said "oh yeah" 
We started the role play in front of our zone. And I almost felt bad because I felt like I was embarrassing our zone leaders. The other missionaries were cracking up , and the zone leaders as they were trying to teach us were trying so hard not to laugh, so being the nice considerate person that I am , I toned it down a notch . And it went great. 

-getting all appointments cancelled on us, FINDING TIME ! ️ I love finding and tracking! 

-dying our neighbors hair again.  When  ye are in the service of your fellowmen.....

I am doing super awesome! Loving this life!!!!!! I really can't imagine life without these experiences I have been having. 

Love you all. Be faithful. Use your knees, use your faith 

Hermana Curapil

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