Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inspired Ice Cream/Missionary Work

This has been so great! 

Chicago Subway Stop

We are seeing so many Miracles lately! 
It's crazy!!!! It's like there's a God or something. 
So we had a noche de hogar with a less active family and it was so much fun, they have been inactive their whole lives so they really don't remember anything, so we talked about the restoration and watch the 20 minute video. 
And then they came to church that Sunday:) 
Another thing that's been happening is a lot of crying from less actives. On how discouraged they are to live the gospel. And they cry out to us so much. It's so sad :(  but those moments are the moments when I am so grateful to be here on a mission. And telling them that God does care and that he loves us and that the heavens are opened! To anyone who's willing to have an open heart and mind! 
It's so great! 

Hermana Curapil and Hermana Dyer ("We love each other")

SO this week this super cool thing happened. We call it INSPIRED FROSTY
it's a thing. 
Anytime we get the idea to get a frosty, a miracle happens! 
Because when we stop through a drive thru to get one and then head over to an investigators house or less active that are hard to find, makes it the perfect timing where they just park their car. And then we creepily wait for them to get in their house before we knock......and we seriously do not stop knocking until they answer. It's great! We were so determined to find this one less active who's whole family isn't baptized. Where we ran the doorbell a million times (I won't bother to explain Chicago apartments cause their system is weird) and then we got in their building and knock their door. And then we went outside and......might have thrown pebbles on their window. BUT they answered after the hundredth time and felt our love for them and had a BOMB lesson!!! 

So if you ever need a miracle go get a frosty! 

Hermana Curapil, and Dyer
(I'll get the names of the other two Sisters)

So let me go on a rant about how awesome our ward is!! 
They got it going on! 
We are doing tons of finding activities, where we get a free snow cone stand and then get our whole ward there, and contact like crazy! And they love it so much! Their such awesome member missionaries! It makes my heart so happy!!!! 
And always plan dinners at our bishops house where each companionship brings an investigator and it's so much fun!! 
I love it here so much!!! 

"I Think It's Art"

There was this cool moment where we knocking doors and this Egyptian lady answered and said "sisters!" And made us come in. She thought we were catholic sisters, but we explained a little. And she had the most beautiful looking kids! And they all surrounded us telling us their beautiful names. And one of their kids who was like 7 was holding his baby brother. And he kept on trying to give me his baby brother and since we can't hold babies , I just awkwardly kept my arms crossed and he kept putting the baby up to me and I was like "no sweetie it's okay" and the little boy said "come on it's just a baby, what are you scared or something?" 
It was great. 
 Then the mom just asked us what we do, she told us how her family came to the states like 3 years ago, we asked if she likes it and she said "a little too much, we feel like we are actually worth here, in Egypt they don't treat people very well, they treat us like we are just plastic, they would beat my kids at school and hit me and my husband at work" 
And she told us their life story and everything that happened in Egypt, 
We told them they are where they are suppose to be and that God loves them and that there is a plan for them and that we could help them. And her and all her little kids started crying and said "yes yes we need help, we don't know how to be a family" 
And we said we could help them and they were so happy! It broke my heart. 

One of the beauties of serving in Chicago is that it's so diverse, we get to hear about the lives of so many people and how they got here to America and everything that had gone through. And it's so humbling to see their faith and diligence without the gospel. And I just love being able to testify of the Saviors love to them. Whether they can understand us or not. Because English isn't spoken a lot here in Chicago especially in the northside. 
We have learned things in Filipino , Polish, Italian, Arabic, and French. It's so cool! 

One of our investigators took us to an ARGENTINE RESTAURANT! And it was the happiest day of my life. 

But anyways, those are some highlight that I can think of right now. Haha sorry I might be depriving you of some awesome experiences but these are what I can remember. 

Love you all! The church is true! 

 This has been so great! 

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