Monday, September 7, 2015


So I am probably the luckiest trainer ever cause I got the coolest trainee ever!! 

Hermana Juan- she was born in Mexico but came from Utah #latinapower
She thinks I'm crazy 
She laughs at how out of shape I am when we go up and down the stairs of apartment. 
She has an awesome testimony. 
She's super obedient! 
A great teacher! 
SHE COOKS! So instead of eating cereal all the time she has been making me eat real food! So sweet! 
She's super sincere. 
And honestly doesn't even need a trainer, she could fly solo if she wanted to cause she's so awesome and I'm obsessed with her! 
THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE, THIS GIRL HAS SOME GREENIE FIRE (just picture Alicia Keys singing that last line for me pls)
So this week was awesome! I really got show Hermana Juan some real missionary work by.....,KNOCKING AND KNOCKING AND KNOCKING ! Whoop! Whoop! I LOVE KNOCKING (there's no sarcasm in that I promise) 
I think she kind of understood why missionary work can be hard sometimes. 
She was so cute she just kept repeating "why doesn't anyone want to listen" 
BUT at the end of our week, we kept the faith , the diligence and the obedience, and got new investigators #2blessed2bestressed
So that's pretty awesome and we are so pumped for that!

So that was our week! 
We also had an awesome lesson with Alejandro and Patricia and we got to put them on date! 
Alejandro and Patricia are finally understanding everything. They keep reading from the Book of Mormon and they has some questions about the priesthood and we had an awesome member there and she just killed it with the best answers ever!! And you could see it in their eyes, everything is clicking and their understanding! They say that they can't stop reading from the Book of Mormon because they are just so curious, and they really want to know that it's true! 
So awesome! As their testimony of the Book of Mormon grows, mine does too!!! This mission is seriously more to help myself by helping others, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best thing that could ever happen to me, to you, to us .
Love you all. 

So here's a pic of my cute companion. 

Hermana Juan


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Also at transfer I got to see my favorite hermanas and MELANY!!!!!

We also had an awesome noche de hogar (fhe) with an investigator fermin and our less active Milagros over at obispos house!! And my favorite awkward elders in our district. 


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