Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Faith and Diligence

Fasting works!! 
Hermana Dyer and I fasted for a miracle. And guess what happened? We had 5 less actives at church that Sunday!! They all walked in one after another! Hermana Dyer and I were literally spazzing out with joy!! 

Getting another investigator on date for the 29th of August! Paola, the little girl I told you about, she's only 13 years old. She's our other 13 year old investigators best friend! How cute is that?! They are so smart! And if she comes to church theses next 3 Sunday's, she will get baptized before that date! We plan on working with her family of 5 so hopefully.....we'll have a family baptism. 

Remember the old man who's a crack up? We had an amazing lesson with him and his wife with our ward mission leader and his wife, and they are super pumped to come to church this Sunday! Our next step with them is to put them on date! 

We had this awesome experience where me and Hermana Dyer both made a list of streets and then we would compare our lists, and the ones that we both put down , we tracked.  And we had an awesome experience with this German guy named Christian! Who is super prepared to get baptized!!! And he was glued as we spoke about the restoration! He loved it! Sadly we have to pass him off to English missionaries, but we will for sure be at his baptism! 


 The joy!!!!! We worked HARD to get them there! We worked BOLDLY to get them there. We LOVED like crazy to get them there! And they LOVED it! It felt so good!!!! We literally woke up and went their house and said "hey are you guys ready for church?" And we were 15 minutes late,  but it got them there :) 

I thought I knew what faith was till I got out here. And I'm still figuring it out. But there's a different faith that missionaries have to have, and it's weird.  Diligence, I love being diligent! It's hard to be diligent! But I have learned the past 6 months that DILIGENCE AND PATIENT PERSEVERANCE! Go hand in hand! 

For a moment I has getting a little bit discouraged because I was putting all of my faith out there, I was believing and having desire and I was working, and WE WERE GETTING SHUT DOWN, OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. And I know that's what missionary work is because this isn't the first time this has happened to me, but what was getting frustrating was putting all of my faith and energy into something, and not seeing the fruit of it. 

It was driving me crazy, and unfortunately losing my faith in the work. Especially faith in myself,  
But although I was a little weak in believing  , I didn't stop working, I didn't stop being diligent. 
But As I started seeing results, the more understood. The more I started believing that this area is about to bloom, we can literally feel it!!! And it's going to happen these next 5 weeks. 
I asked Hermana Dyer if she thought it would be a good idea to ask our district to challenge us with something every other day or weekly, so we can push ourselves and have more expectations for ourselves. She loved it, called up our district leader, and he loved it! 

I love being a missionary so much!!!!!
I'm so pumped for life! And I'm in awe with the gospel I have lived all my life!!! 
I love you all! Press on! 
We dyed a member's hair!

We went to the free zoo!! #brokeforlife

A member worked at the zoo and got to ride the carousel for free #blessings

This cutie tries so hard to pronounce my name, but we compromised and I'm Hermana C

We officially make salsa every Sunday with a family that feeds us every Sunday. It's our only job. 

Family home evening with punk teenagers 

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