Monday, September 28, 2015

Is it Monday Again?

So this week went by in a flash . What is happening?

So I don't have a lot of time so I'm gonna get down to the point here.


* EXCHANGES! Totally forgot to take pictures with my BFF STL Hermana Dowdle. We had so much fun!! We did visited some awesome members and contacted some very awesome people and went to woman's conference. I am so grateful for my mission leaders and all I learn from them.

Hermana Curapil and Juan

* NEW MISSIONARY TRAINING MEETING. MAN I LOVE THIS MEETINGS! There are so inspired for the new missionaries and learned so much. After the meeting Hermana Juan and I got to open up about some things and we have been working so great together. We always have, but now it's EVEN BETTER!

We went to the famous "Portillos Hot Dogs"

* DISTRICT LUNCH .  Chicagoans go nuts over this place. It was fun to be able to get to know the other missionaries more and really talk about life and what makes want to be better!

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