Monday, April 4, 2016

Tender Mercies and a Plot Twist!

Hello people!!

I just want to start off by testifying of the tender mercies of the Lord.
This past week we had no car. And no money #missionarylife
So we weren't able to use public transportation either so we had some
time on bikes for as long as we could borrow them and then we
walked....a lot.

(I'm lazy so I pasted this next part from my companions email )

"we started out the day with receiving a text saying we were having our
district meeting at a different building then our church building...
One that's farther away.... So we looked it up and it was a good 4-5
mile walk one way with a nice 1 hour and a 1/2 walk time... So we
decided that wouldn't work so we scraped up a couple dollar bills we
had been saving for an emergency and some quarters and prepared to
take the bus half way. The only problem was is that we only had enough
money to get there..... But we had to go so we went trusting the Lord
would provide. We walked the other half of the way the home time
praying we would randomly find 5 quarters for the bus fair home. Well
we didn't so we got there  to the church a little early did some
studies and then had our meeting. We got out and amazingly as we were
trying to figure out how to get home someone (a missionary) helped us
out... A lot, it was a HUGE tender mercy. Also! We were out of food
and didn't have a eating appointment so we weren't sure what we were
going to do when randomly another distinct invites us in to eat left
over Hispanic food from their district meeting!!! It was a huge
blessing! Then we had a lesson at the end of the night also in the
elders area and it was way far from our house. Thankfully the
missionary that had helped us out earlier had made it so we could take
the buses there, so after the lesson we get out and it is pouring
rain... Just buckets of it. So we run to the road and it doesn't say
walk but it was clear and it was pouring so we ran across and then ran
to the bus stop as soon as we get to the bus stop I turn around and
there the bus is pulling up. It's a miracle we made it because the
buses run every 15-20 minutes at that time of night. Then, we get off
that bus to take the next one and it shows up within 5 min. Then we
get off of that bus (it's still pouring) and we are not at all sure
where the bus stop is. There isn't one in sight. So we are just
briskly walking when I turn to look down the road to see if I can even
see a bus and to my surprise it's about to pass us. I screamed bus to
Hermana Curapil and we have never and probably never will run so hard
in our lives!! It was late and cold and wet and we were not going to
miss that bus. As we were running I started losing hope, we couldn't
see a bus stop anywhere!! I was yelling to Hermana Curapil "where is
it? I don't see one!" And I literally was about to stop when she said
"I see it! There it is! Keep going" we ran even harder and barely made
it. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father stopped time because the light
the bus was driving through was green and we ran a block and a half
before we got to the bus stop and somehow we still beat it, barely.
Heavenly Father really helped us out that night. We got home safe and
sound. :) the moral of the story- DON'T GIVE UP. He is with us and the
end is in sight, sometimes we are just a little blinded by the storms
in life but there is always an end. Always. President Uchtdorf said
yesterday "The desire to walk in his way will grow with every step of
faith you take" Keep walking! He will give you what you are searching
for! You might just have to run in faith for a few blocks. :)"
-Hermana Rowbury

Mostly cause we weirdly got to see so many in between small victories
from appointment to appointment.
Like when the it's perfect timing for crossing the street.
Or when no people on bikes almost run into you.
Or getting to enjoy the rain.....and have no choice to enjoy the rain.
Only getting ONE blister from my shoes.
Being able to laugh like crazy at the random things that happen in the city.
Having an awesome companion
And feeling joy and peace knowing that I rather be no one where else
but here on a mission in Chicago.
I love this area. It's been great!
But just like  Sister Mapuhi  once said  "No matter how great the past
has been, the future is always better. Remember Lot's wife."
(I'm grateful for my best friend Kirsten Froemming who knows my needs
from across the world and sent me that when she killed off her

I'm getting transferred.
BACK TO BLUE ISLAND. My first area.
I'm so stoked!!!
I'm grateful for my mission president!
Usually the APs call when you get transferred but President Woodbury
called and bore his testimony to me about how the Lord woke him up at
3am to tell him I am needed in blue island.
All of my responses to the APs or President when they call is usually
"okay thanks"
I have always felt so much peace about next companions or areas my
entire mission.
It's crazy the trust that I have in 2 elders that don't know my needs
and my mission president to know exactly what I need and what
companion I need.
If President Woodbury was to call me and tell me I have to get
relocated to a mission in Russia and learn Russian in 2 weeks , my
response will probably be "holy crap!, okay thanks"
I know that I am needed. And I know that the Lord knows best!! And I'd
do anything and go anywhere he needs me! And I'm so grateful to be
able to have that attitude!
The next morning President Woodbury called me again.
He bore his testimony to me again.
And then told me about the needs of the ward and how I am needed there again.
I'm extremely humbled to know that I have to work harder this time.
I think every missionaries dream is to go back to their first area and
apply everything they learned from their past areas and companions and
I am so grateful I get to live that dream!
I know i am going to be with an awesome companion and see a ton of
miracles together!!!
I am so excited!!!
I know that mission presidents have the keys to guide this work and it
was confirmed to me as i listened to our Prophet, apostles and other
leaders this week that nothing happens unless they look to God first.
That blows my mind!!!
It really has made me reflect on how often I go to God when I need direction.
He guides my life. He knows my life. He knows where he needs me .
So do I go to him and ask him what's the next plan that he has for me?
Not really. Lol
Sometimes I do. But it's all about how often.
My invitation to you all is to look to God. OFTEN. all the time.
He knows you. He knows where you need to be. He knows the people
you'll be surrounded with. He knows ALL THINGS!

I love you all! Have a great week!!

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