Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Last Two Weeks

Hello friends and family!!
So sorry I haven't been able to email last week but here's some info
about what happened.

It was a wonderful week as a trio!!
Since my companion left a week before the transfer , I been in a trio
with some other hermanas and its been the time of our lives! Mostly
because we have been working so hard and everything is just so much
more powerful with three people.
I've learned so much from Hermana warnok and Quintana , it was the
perfect way to
start the new year!!
Something that's actually pretty cool is that I've actually been on
this mission a year round and the other night I was just thinking of
each month of the year and the area I was in, my companion, my
investigators and less actives and I am so grateful for all the new
people in my life! And I can't imagine my life without any of them.
Also I can't imagine my life without the good and hard challenges of
every month the past year. I am so grateful for every moment, every
challenge, every companion!
So as 2015 was going through my head in flashes I came across a video.
It's a Mormon message called "New Years : look not behind thee and I
felt so complete after watching this. It's a video where they
interview some people about Lots wife who was turned into a pillar of
salt because she looked back . when God commanded them to leave the
wicked city , his only instructions was "don't look back" and she
looked back.
What a great lesson this is for a new year!! Why did this happen to
her , for just looking back? It was because she was looking back with
longing. Her heart was still there and could not let go. She didn't
trust in God that he would probably give her a better life if she was
to let go of Sodom and Gomorrah . PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO  New Year's:
Look Not behind Thee (3:09) on LDS.ORG IT WILL UPLIFT YOU AND FREE

HERMANA FRENCH is my new companion and she is lovely! She also
finishes her mission this transfer so I'm killing off another one. So
weird to be getting a new companion again so soon!
We have been working hard! We have great plans for this area!!
I've been able to really refocus and rededicate myself to this area,
we have been putting all of our ideas together and creating beautiful
things for Logan Square.
We have already seen a lot of success, Including getting an
investigator on date! Her name is Jillian and has been taught for 5
years and never had been baptized, we both strongly felt like we
needed to lay down the law and be,p her understand our purpose, it was
clear to her and she even set her date for the 21st of February . So
please pray for her!!

Weekly highlights!!!
- we took this picture as the last picture of 2015 and it's an awful
picture because I'm actually not the best photo taker

- News years ward party! Like I said before Hispanics know how to party. They made a ballon net and on midnight they untie it and balloons go everywhere. Unfortunately we weren't there. But we heard it was a lot of fun. Our mission president did let us go for an hour got to be home by 8:45. 

- Meeting a lot of cool people. Sorry let me rephrase that, we met nice people!! That was awesome . We contacted Chicagoans , Russian, Polish, Philippinos, ppl from Thailand and Jordan. And it was really funny talking to most of those people cause most of them didn't speak English, and we only speak English and Spanish. Good times. 
- It being 9 degrees outside and feeling comfortable and full of happiness. 
- Getting to know more members and just feeling so much love for them!! 
- Having less actives at church :) 
- Grateful to live in 2016 where beautiful fast and effective heaters exist.

- Having FHE with awesome members and investigators 

- Walking 10 miles for chick fil a since there's not a lot in Chicago and I haven't had any since I left home. 

- Being cheesy Mormons and taking a picture of this .

And this!!!

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