Monday, July 13, 2015

Party, free slushies, and temple en español

Hello everyone! 
This week has been great! 


-having an awesome lesson with an investigators, he's this older man who is a crack up and has a lot of intense deep questions, (in my last area we ran into a lot of those people where I didn't know how to answer them) but all the studies I have done for people like is paying off!! 
He would ask the question with a look in his face as if we weren't going to be able to answer it. But BAM !  Me and Hermana Dyer caught him off guard caught him of guard. The spirit is so cool, the words  were coming out of our mouths to questions we didn't even know we fully knew. It was so awesome, we invited him to baptism and he said yes :) 

-people cancelled on us this whole week, so guess what we did? Oh yeah lots and lots of door knocking and passing out cards! I love missionary work!!!! 

- 7/11 , stopped at a 7-eleven for free slushies and contacted everyone in the store, the slushy was so good and contacting is so much fun that we might have stopped at more then one 7-eleven 

Hermana Dyer and Hermana Curapil

-doing a temple session in Spanish for the first time!!! :) 

-getting to go to a farewell for my two favorites girls, who both got called to the same mission, same report day and everything and their best friends! 
They threw a farewell Hispanic style, with a ton of people, food, and music, these people know how to party. It reminded me of my awesome home ward and how supportive and amazing they  are :) it also reminded me how that shower was more then 6 months ago.....crazy how time flies! 

Chicago Style Missionary Farewell

- SCARIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! catching my companion sleep walking!!! 
It was the middle of the night, when I wake up and my companion is just standing at the foot of my bed. I woke up confused and scared and I was like "dude what are you doing" and then she got closer, and I nudged her to wake up, and she woke up spazzing out and ran to her bed and said " ugh what just happened?" 
And feel back asleep, 

This mission is literally teaching me every single attribute of Christ. 
It's amazing how imperfect we are but how perfect we will be one day! 
The church is true! Love you all!!!! 

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